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Can Joe Biden Really Win This Way?

Posted on | October 19, 2020 | 3 Comments

As campaign strategy, does this even make sense?

Joe Biden is still refusing to discuss an exposé by the New York Post alleging the former vice president’s youngest son, Hunter, leveraged his ties to the Obama administration for the benefit of a Ukrainian natural gas conglomerate.
The Democrat nominee, who has long struggled to explain his son’s overseas business deals, was asked about the story during a campaign swing through North Carolina on Sunday. Biden, in particular, was asked by a reporter if he had any comment about revelations that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) had seized Hunter’s laptop last year via subpoena.
Video of Biden’s encounter, which was shared on social media by President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign, shows that the Democrat nominee refused to even listen to the reporter’s question, opting to walk away as soon as the reporter mentions the word “FBI.”

Never in my life have I witnessed anything quite like this. The Biden campaign announced that Biden would be in seclusion until Thursday, when he is scheduled for the next debate with President Trump. So they’re taking the candidate off the campaign trail for four full days. Meanwhile, Trump is doing multiple rallies every day — with massive crowds of thousands — and yet, we’re told, Biden is ahead in every poll:

If you believe the media, Joe Biden is heading toward a landslide of such historic proportions that even Texas may tip into the Democrat’s column. Of course, no intelligent person actually believes this, but the propaganda organs of our national media are so devoted to Team Joe that the possibility of turning Texas “blue” continues to be the subject of allegedly serious reporting.
A well-informed source in Texas tells me GOP internal polls show a tighter-than-usual contest there, and Democrats are bombarding young Texans with get-out-the-vote text messages, but this is a state Trump won with a comfortable margin of more than 800,000 votes in 2016. Nevertheless, the media are dreaming the impossible dream. The Washington Post’s Dan Balz, for example, expended some 1,500 words exploring the scenario of a “Biden upset” in Texas driven by “a huge Democratic surge” in a state that no Democrat has won since 1976. . . .

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