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Ohio Is Trump Country

Posted on | October 22, 2020 | Comments Off on Ohio Is Trump Country

This morning I drove down to Mt. Gilead, county seat of Morrow County, and the route along Highway 61 was lined with Trump signs. The ratio of Trump to Biden signs was at least 10-to-1, if not higher. The county Republican Party headquarters in Mt. Gilead wasn’t yet open, but I got photos of their lobby through the window. It is difficult to explain to anyone who hasn’t been here how lopsidedly Republican this area is. In 2016, Trump got 72% of the vote in Morrow County, and 71% in neighboring Crawford County. Out of Ohio’s 88 counties, Trump won 80, with Hillary’s votes concentrated in urban areas — Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus, Toledo, etc. — and a few suburban areas like Lorain County (which also includes Oberlin College).

The contrast between rural and small-town Ohio and our nation’s big cities is an essential fact of the political divide in America. Folks here are not any kind of radical “right-wing,” they’re just ordinary hard-working people who enjoy the tranquil pleasures of country life, and thus have little in common with the decadent bicoastal urban elites.

Trump got 52% of the vote in Ohio against Hillary four years ago. He will almost certainly score a solid majority here for his re-election.



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