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WTF Just Happened in D.C.?

Posted on | January 6, 2021 | Comments Off on WTF Just Happened in D.C.?

So, I was up late last night for the Georgia runoff election, then got up at 5:30 a.m. to write up the final result, after which I had some deadline project work to do until about noon. My grandchildren came over about 1 p.m. I had kind of noticed on Twitter some stuff about pro-Trump protesters breaching a security perimeter at the Capitol. But, OK, a few rowdy people got a little out of control, I figured. No big deal. And I was tired, so I decided to take a nap. My wife woke me up about 4 o’clock: “Did you see what’s happening?” Wow. Guess nap time is over:

Disturbing video captures the moment a woman was shot in the chest inside the US Capitol Building on Wednesday, as President Trump supporters intent on disrupting the certification of the presidential election stormed in.
The 30-second clip posted to Twitter captures the sound of a single gunshot, then shows the unidentified woman lying on the floor.
Blood poured from the mouth of the motionless woman, who was draped in red, white and blue, the video shows.
Fellow protesters can be seen tending to the woman, who was later seen being carried out of the building on a stretcher.
CNN reported that the woman was in critical condition.

I’m confused about what happened and why. Was she shot by police? What did she do? Did someone else have a gun?

Stephen Green at PJM nails my reaction:

Theory: My third cup of coffee was spiked with a small dose of LSD.

Except (a) I had four cups of coffee before 10 a.m. this morning, and (b) I am convinced that the acid dose was rather large.

UPDATE: Not making any excuses for anyone’s stupidity, but how could you not recognize the role of agents-provocateurs here?

Many years ago, an old police sergeant in Georgia told me, “If you ever go to a Klan meeting with five guys, one will be an undercover FBI man, and three others will be informants.” In other words, (a) extremist groups are so vigilantly monitored by law-enforcement that it is nearly impossible for kooks to get away with any serious violence, and (b) the use of undercover officers for such work is routine.

If you don’t know the story of Ruby Ridge, it’s this: An ATF informant asked Randy Weaver to saw off a shotgun to an illegal length. Weaver asked him, “You know this is below the legal limit?” And the guy was like, I don’t care, and Weaver — under the impression that he was doing a favor for a friend — did what his “friend” asked. This then became the pretext for a search warrant, and the rest is history. Think about it.

When I first started blogging, there was a big problem with so-called “Moby” trolls — left-wingers pretending to be conservative in order to spread disinformation and generally sow chaos. Because of that, and some subsequent experience with online trolls, I learned to be very careful about online behavior. Generally speaking, an agent-provocateur is the guy who is trying to convince you to engage in illegal activity, or trying to bait you into saying something you shouldn’t say. You have to beware of taking people at face value. Not everybody who says they’re your friend is actually your friend, and the easiest way to get deceived is to start thinking you’re too smart to be deceived.

There were almost certainly a lot of people on “our” side who willingly participated in that chaotic mob scene, but who were the instigators? At least one of the people involved was known to have attended climate change protests and Black Lives Matter rallies. So I don’t want to make excuses for any of “our” people who did the wrong thing, even if they were incited to illegal activity by agents-provocateurs. I just want to caution all my readers to beware of such false-flag operations.

UPDATE: News organizations are now confirming that the woman who got shot at the Capitol has died.



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