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Thank You, Officer Curtis Brown!

Posted on | June 28, 2021 | Comments Off on Thank You, Officer Curtis Brown!

Tyler O’Neil has a story headlined, “Antifa Rioters’ Response to the Latest Police Shooting Shows Just How Racist They Are,” which amuses me endlessly. Police in Portland, Oregon, were called to a motel where a man was causing a disturbance. He charged at them with a screwdriver, and was shot dead by Officer Curtis Brown. The usual riot squad of radical Antifa trash showed up to protest — because “Black Lives Matter,” right? — only to learn that the dead man, Michael Ray Townsend, was white and that the cop who shot him was black. Oh, but wait! It gets even better! Townsend was a crazy meth addict with tattoos on his face:

Townsend had a documented history of mental illness. In 2018, Townsend was sentenced to 30 months in federal prison for an unarmed bank robbery in Portland. Townsend claimed to have been having a psychotic episode at the time.
“Defendant’s mental illness and heavy use of methamphetamine apparently contributed to his decision to rob the bank,” Hannah Horsely, the Assistant United States Attorney who prosecuted the case, wrote in her sentencing memorandum at the time.
In December 2020, Townsend’s parole was revoked after he failed to participate in the mental health treatment program stipulated in the terms of his release.

If ever there was a cracker who needed to be shot by a cop, this was the guy — but wait! I know you think it couldn’t get better, but it does!

Officer Brown was already a hero. Remember the “Occupy” movement of 2011? Well, when police were finally dispatched to clean up the fetid mess of “Occupy Portland” in November 2011, the protesters got violent:

Brown was “engaged with a group of violent protesters,” [police Sgt. Pete] Simpson said, when someone tossed an improvised explosive device from the back of the crowd. It struck Brown in the leg and detonated a short distance away, police said.
Brown immediately fell to the ground and had to be pulled out of the melee by other officers. He underwent surgery to re-attach a large portion of his quadriceps.

They gave him an award in 2012. This guy hates smelly hippie scum, and he doesn’t seem to care much for crazy meth heads, either.

As I explained in February, “It’s always heartwarming news when cops shoot a white criminal. . . . Good-bye and good riddance, criminal scum.”

Shootings like this completely disrupt the liberal media narrative, and weeding out the dope-addled scum helps improve the breed, so I hope our readers in the law-enforcement community will spread the word: If you get a chance to shoot a white criminal, fire away.

UPDATE: Welcome, Instapundit readers! A commenter there expressed concern about my indifference to Michael Ray Townsend’s demise:

Somehow, having a white man advocate that if a police officer ever gets a chance to shoot a white criminal, go right ahead is not comforting, especially when it does not advise the same response to non-white criminals.
One of the strangest aspects of this summer’s anti-white racism push is that most of the pushing is being done by white people. Perhaps they hope the alligator will eat them last, but otherwise it is as hard to understand as when someone who appears Jewish verbally attacks Jews (the stereotypical self-hating Jew.) Apparently, there is now a self-hating white equivalent, quickly also becoming a stereotype.

Moi? A “self-hating white”? Somebody alert the SPLC to this! But meanwhile, I replied in the comments to explain my attitude:

This is the difference, you see. Cops shoot white criminals all the time, and yet you don’t see white mobs looting Foot Locker in response. If “white supremacy” actually means anything, shouldn’t it mean that white people are more law-abiding? Well, then, why would any white person give a shit because cops killed a worthless piece of trash like this meth head in Portland?

Please, somebody call this to the attention of SPLC Thought Police, as I’m sure they’ll find some sinister significance to this, but you see my point: If, as we are told, white people are automatically endowed with “privilege,” then what was Michael Ray Townsend’s excuse? He alone must bear the responsibility for his failures — meth addiction, mental illness, tattoos on face, etc. — because no self-respecting white person would consider him as representative of our race. But let some black guy get shot by the cops and, no matter what a dangerous scumbag the deceased suspect may have been, the black community will celebrate him as a heroic martyr. I don’t think that attitude reflects very well on the black community, but they haven’t solicited my advice.



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