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Guy Named ‘Khaled Awad’ Stabs Rabbi in Front of a Synagogue: ‘The Motive … Was Not Immediately Clear,’ Police Say

Posted on | July 2, 2021 | Comments Off on Guy Named ‘Khaled Awad’ Stabs Rabbi in Front of a Synagogue: ‘The Motive … Was Not Immediately Clear,’ Police Say

Pretty sure that if some rednecks in Mississippi lynched a black guy, the police might be willing to speculate about the motive:

BOSTON — A man who is accused of stabbing a Brighton rabbi eight times appeared before a judge in Brighton District Court on Friday on charges of assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon and assault and battery on a police officer.
The victim, identified as Rabbi Shlomo Noginski, was stabbed multiple times in the Brighton Common park at Chestnut and Washington streets, near the Shaloh House school.
A suspect, later identified as Khaled Awad, 24, of Brighton, was arrested a short time later on Chestnut Hill Avenue, authorities said.
In court Friday, prosecutors said Awad has no criminal record in Massachusetts but has had incidents in Florida, including battery and theft.
Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael Rollins was present in the courtroom for the arraignment. “We believe this individual is a danger to our community,” Rollins said following the arraignment.
Awad was held without bail, with a dangerousness hearing scheduled for next week.
Rollins’ office is still investigating to determine if the attack can officially be called a hate crime.
Court documents say three police officers initially made contact with the suspect, before he ran.
According to the court documents, one of the officers looked around a corner and was confronted by the suspect pointing what appeared to be a black firearm at him. The other police officers drew their firearms and ordered the suspect to drop his weapon multiple times.
The court documents say after a brief, but tense moment, the suspect lowered his weapon and threw it to the ground.
Police said the suspect kicked one of the officers in the stomach as he was being assisted into a transport vehicle for booking.
Rabbi Dan Rodkin, the executive director of the Shaloh House, said Noginski was stabbed eight times.
Rodkin said the suspect approached the rabbi while he was talking on the phone, sitting on the steps of the school.
According to Rodkin, the suspect demanded the rabbi’s car keys at gunpoint but also wanted the rabbi to get in the car.
Court documents, which cite a police interview with Noginski following the incident, say the suspect ordered him to walk over to his vehicle. . . .
Investigators said the motive of the stabbing was not immediately clear.

Yeah, it’s a real mystery, this case. By the way, did you notice this news report says nothing about Awad’s immigration status? Do you suppose it’s possible that Awad came here as some kind of “refugee”? But curiosity is no longer a requirement in the journalism business.

UPDATE: Ace of Spades: “If [the suspect] were white, CNN would already be analyzing what podcasts he listened to, and calling for YouTube to deplatform Tim Pool.” He forgot to add that they would be leading every hour with coverage of the story, and demanding that Republicans in Congress denounce Tim Pool for inciting this hate crime.



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