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64 Shots: Londre ‘KTS Dre’ Sylvester Gunned Down Outside Chicago Jail

Posted on | July 12, 2021 | Comments Off on 64 Shots: Londre ‘KTS Dre’ Sylvester Gunned Down Outside Chicago Jail

Getting murdered is a family tradition for some people in Chicago, and the death this week of Londre Sylvester, 31, was probably predictable. In June 2015, his younger brother, Devon “Kutthroat Von” Davis, was killed in a drive-by shooting. “Kutthroat Von” was only 21 at the time, and was a rapper best known for his song “Kill to Survive,” the lyrics of which are a paean to the violence of street gang life:

Bitch, I’m finna purge
When the Glocks load up
No lackin’, lil’ bitch look up
I was raised in the field with them demons, so what?
It’s kill to survive in the field, turn up …

Out lurking late night like a bat
That’s when a nigga aim be the best
Show no mercy, got it tatted on my chest
Kutthroat gon’ take a nigga soul
Damn Kutthroat heart so froze
Kutthroat don’t love no hoe
‘Cause a bitch ain’t shit, on Moe

“Show no mercy, got it tatted on my chest” — boasting of cruelty and violence, killing people with Glocks? Yeah, that’s popular entertainment for a certain segment of Chicago’s population for whom crime is a way of life and homicide is a hobby. The video for “Kill to Survive” shows the performer waving a laser-sighted pistol and has 4.3 million views on YouTube. So there is no surprise in the fact that “Kutthroat,” with his “heart so froze,” got gunned down by rival gangsters.

Devon “Kutthroat” Davis with his pistol

Oh, did I forget to mention that “Kill to Survive” (KTS) is actually the name of a criminal alliance of Chicago gangs (the 075 Vice Lords and Gangster Disciples from Lakeside and PocketTown)? The reference to “Moe” in Kutthroat Von’s lyrics is to “Moe Town,” a Southside neighborhood also known as the Motor Row District near I-55. The KTS “set” (as neighborhood crews are known in Chicago) is reportedly “at war with numerous sets such as NLMB, Sirconn City, GloryBoyz 3hunna.” It is alleged that Kutthroat Von himself perpetrated at least two murders, including the 2014 drive-by shooting of Keith “Keke” Bonds.

Hey, did I forget to mention that no one was ever charged with the 2015 murder of Kutthroat? Because in some years, 70% or more of the homicides in Chicago are never solved, there are literally hundreds of murderers walking the streets, if they haven’t themselves been killed in the endless violence, or sent to prison on other charges. So, the dead Kutthroat’s brother Londre Sylvester used the gang slogan “KTS” as a stage name for his own career as a rapper, and actually had “Kill to Survive” tattooed on his neck. Class act, these guys.

Murder is a family tradition, and in 2016, Vincent Davis Sr., 43, the father of Devon and Londre, was gunned down in Chicago. Five months later, prosecutors charged Devontay Murray, 19, who was already in custody on an unrelated robbery charge, with that murder.

Devontay Murray, accused of killing Vincent Davis Sr.

If you do the math, you realize Vincent Davis Sr. was only 17 when his oldest son Londre was born, one of eight children the senior Davis sired before his death at age 43. And judging from the short and violent lives of his sons, murder is the family business. Londre recently spent time in the Cook County Jail on a gun charge:

Court records indicate Sylvester’s fiancee had put up $5,000 on Friday to secure his release on charges of violating a previous bond in a 2020 gun case. . . .
Court records indicate Sylvester had been jailed in June for violating conditions of his bond in the 2020 gun case but had been living under house arrest since last December with a GPS monitoring device.
A judge had granted him four hours each Thursday to leave the house to run errands, but sheriff’s officials claimed he’d violated those conditions by visiting “various locations in Chicago and Wisconsin” on June 11.
Sylvester’s public defender called for a bond hearing, claiming Sylvester was arrested June 11 “after running errands during the allotted time on the allotted day of the week.” Judge Lawrence Flood set bond at $50,000, requiring a deposit of $5,000.
The gun case stemmed from an April 2020 arrest when someone reported Sylvester carrying a gun in his car in the Auburn Gresham neighborhood. Officers spotted Sylvester behind the wheel of a white Jaguar sedan, parked beside a pump at a gas station in the 8200 block of South Halsted Street, according to a police report.
When they approached the car, officers saw that Sylvester, who was on parole for a 2015 gun conviction, had a 9 mm Glock pistol in his lap.
One of the officers tried to grab the gun from Sylvester as Sylvester put the car in gear, the report states. Two officers struggled with Sylvester and wrestled him out of the car.

See, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon is a crime, but when murder is the family business, gun ownership is a prerequisite, so it was impossible for Londre “KTS Dre” Sylvester to pursue his criminal occupation without a gun, and that’s why he was in jail. Until his fiancee bailed him out, and he met his predictable fate:

A man who was apparently ambushed after being released from the Cook County Jail in Chicago suffered as many as 64 bullet wounds to his head and other parts of his body, police said.
The shooting Saturday night killed 31-year-old Londre Sylvester, who is also reportedly known as a rapper in Chicago, a police report said. He was pronounced dead at a hospital.
Sylvester had just been released after being fitted for electronic monitoring and was walking to a waiting vehicle when several suspects “exited two separate vehicles and all began to shoot in Sylvester’s direction, striking him numerous times,” the police report said. . . .
Following Saturday night’s shooting, the suspects reentered their vehicles and fled the scene, police said.
A 60-year-old woman who was with Sylvester was shot in one of her knees and was hospitalized in good condition, police said. A second woman, who is in her 30s, suffered a graze wound to her mouth, police said.

Sixty-four bullet wounds.

The suspects are still at large — a frightening thought, but then you remember that as many as 70% of murders in Chicago go unsolved, so “suspects at large” describes hundreds of people in Chicago.

Out lurking late night like a bat
That’s when a nigga aim be the best
Show no mercy, got it tatted on my chest

My advice? Stay away from Chicago.



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