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Rebekah Jones: Still Lying

Posted on | August 13, 2021 | Comments Off on Rebekah Jones: Still Lying

Today my podcast partner John Hoge was in Montgomery County court for the final dismissal of the fake criminal charges that disgraced former Florida health department employee Rebekah Jones filed against Christina Pushaw, who wrote a brutal takedown of Jones and has since become press secretary for Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Because there was never any factual basis for the charges against Pushaw, the case was nolle prosequi, and the hearing today was a formality.

Alas, some Trump-hating clown in Miami named Grant Stern, who is trying to play “investigative reporter” with a Substack blog, decided that because (a) Christina Pushaw works for DeSantis then (b) any charges against her must have merit, and therefore (c) believe Rebekah Jones! Or such would seem to be Stern’s syllogism, anyway. Lots of amateurs out there playing “investigative journalist” don’t know any more about logic than they do about journalism, much less libel law, so it should be noted that I am merely expressing an opinion when I characterize Stern’s thinking process, but as for the fact that Stern is a clown, I think his big red nose and floppy shoes are sufficient evidence.

Charles C.W. Cooke rips Stern and Jones to tatters here.

Never believe a word Rebekah Jones says. If she say it’s up, it is almost certainly down. She is not only dishonest, she is crazy.

In short, Rebekah Jones is the Deb Frisch of Michael Avenattis.



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