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Terry Wary
Sig is Scary
Next Month’s Vote
Might Not Carry

Posted on | October 11, 2021 | Comments Off on Terry Wary
Sig is Scary
Next Month’s Vote
Might Not Carry

by Smitty

Only Pat Herrity stood firm. The rest of the Fairfax County Board of Brandons and Karens voted to assume the position, and request that the box be stuffed next month for the gubernatorial election. And if anyone is equipped, it’s Greasy Terry:

The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors is asking Gov. Ralph Northam to waive the witness signature requirement for absentee ballots cast by mail in this fall’s election.
The board voted 9-1 for the proposal by Chair Jeffrey McKay to send a letter to Northam, with Springfield District Supervisor Pat Herrity, the board’s only Republican, casting the only vote against the motion.
McKay said that waiving the witness signature requirement – as was done during the 2020 election – is necessary due to the continued threat of COVID-19. He said several Fairfax residents had shared concerns with him about obtaining witness signatures – arguing they could be exposed to COVID-19 in the process.

No one believes you, Demsheviks. With every day, with ever liberty that you brutally devour like it was some fat-dripping slice of baked flatbread smothered in toppings, your butt just gets bigger. The good nature of Americans has been stressed the last twenty months by the “two weeks to flatten the curve”. However, a line as been crossed when parental input into what is taught in schools is casually rejected:

In [his] last debate with Youngkin, however, McAuliffe opined that parents shouldn’t be telling schools what to teach their children. This statement may have shifted the race in Youngkin’s favor, and I no longer assume McAuliffe will win.
Last night two smart, politically knowledgeable Virginia residents told me they believe Youngkin will win. I’m on the fence, but find it interesting that McAuliffe is now complaining that Joe Biden is dragging him down. He’s probably right, but it occurs to me that candidates who think they will win don’t start blaming their party’s president for their woes.

There is no way that any rational, well-informed, patriotic voter would ever cast a ballot for the godless Commies that the Demsheviks have degenerated into. The willingness of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors to sacrifice election security to allow stuffing the ballot box seems a tacit recognition of this reality.
Virginia conservatives broke my heart when they were too lame to support Ken Cuccinelli eight years ago. The more GOPe Ed Gillespie had no joy in 2017. So, despite the fact that Glenn Youngkin is running a smart campaign against a buffoonish candidate with President Potted Plant for a backdrop, it’s best to focus on getting everyone voting and keep the hopes in check.


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