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‘Containergeddon’: California Emissions Law Caused the Supply Chain Crisis

Posted on | October 17, 2021 | Comments Off on ‘Containergeddon’: California Emissions Law Caused the Supply Chain Crisis

What’s causing the supply-chain crisis? One word: California.

Sundance at Conservative Treehouse has a long article explaining this: California passed an emissions law that required trucks to meet standards that the majority of trucks in America can’t meet. Basically, about half the truckers in America are banned from operating in California. Because California ports — specifically Los Angeles and Long Beach — are the most convenient for shipments from Asia, this policy created a transportation problem that major importers tried to solve by diverting shipments to other ports. So then you had ships from Asia going through the Panama Canal to reach ports in New Orleans, Tampa, Jacksonville, Savannah, etc. However, the necessary infrastructure (especially cranes to offload cargo containers) to handle the increased loads at those other ports could not be created overnight. Thus, the bottleneck in California (caused by that state’s stringent emissions laws) led directly to bottlenecks at every other port in America.

That’s a brief thumbnail summary, and you can read all about it at Conservative Treehouse, but the point is, WHY ARE AMERICANS ALLOWING CALIFORNIA TO WRECK OUR ENTIRE ECONOMY?

The Constitution clearly allots to the federal government the authority to regulate interstate commerce, but California’s law — one Democrat-controlled state’s “Green New Deal” — is clearly having a disastrous impact on this commerce. Donald Trump would have put a stop to this, but Biden got 64% of the vote in California, and Biden would very much like to impose those job-killing policies on the whole country.

Expect to hear more about this next week.



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