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Rittenhouse Verdict Reactions Show What ‘White Supremacy’ Means to the Left

Posted on | November 20, 2021 | Comments Off on Rittenhouse Verdict Reactions Show What ‘White Supremacy’ Means to the Left

Vandalism, looting and arson were minimal Friday night, as the November weather was too cold for anarchists in most cities:

Protesters took to the streets of Brooklyn, Chicago, Oakland, and other cities following the not guilty verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial.
After the verdict, hundreds of people took to the streets of Brooklyn, New York, to voice their frustration with the jury’s verdict.
The crowd gathered at Barclays Center in Brooklyn and reportedly chanted, “Say his name, George Floyd.”

(What? Kyle Rittenhouse had nothing to do with that.)

Progressive activists have tried incessantly to make the Rittenhouse trial about race, even though Rittenhouse and the three men he shot were all white.
In Chicago, dozens of protesters went to Federal Plaza to protest the verdict. They were reportedly carrying signs reading, “Kyle Will Kill Again,” “Workers United to Smash Fascism,” and “Reject Racist Vigilante Terror.”

(Literally “dozens.”)

The Chicago protesters blocked traffic on busy streets during rush hour to show their discontent with the trial’s outcome.
Protesters reportedly looted a Neiman Marcus luxury store and multiple other stores as the protests were happening. . . .
Protesters in Denver reportedly shouted, “fuck Kyle Rittenhouse” while marching down streets.
On the west coast, protesters gathered at a federal building in Oakland to protest the jury verdict. Signs in Oakland read, “Cops and fascists given license to kill in the USA.”

Got that? The cops shoot* a knife-wielding domestic abuser (Jacob Blake), then public authorities fail to prevent “mostly peaceful protests” from turning into riots and, when armed citizens defend themselves from violent riots, this makes the citizens “fascists,” “terrorists,” etc.

The Left’s rhetoric about “white supremacy,” “systemic racism,” etc., reflects a fundamental hostility to civilization, per se.

People who claimed to be traumatized by President Trump’s mean tweets had no such aversion to acts of violent destruction — far more harmful than anything Trump said — when this wanton vandalism could be justified, in their minds, as “racial justice” protests. But when a criminal suspect is shot by police, the justice of the officer’s action is ultimately determined by a jury, or by a duly-elected district attorney who decides whether or not to seek an indictment. The fact that a relative handful of highly publicized cases are controversial, involving circumstances that might seriously be considered unjust, does not mean what the Left says it means. It was not “systemic racism” that resulted in the death of George Floyd or Breonna Taylor; the actual details of both of those cases contradict the narrative promoted by BLM activists.

The facts of the shooting of Jacob Blake, which led to the riots in which Rittenhouse shot three people, likewise contradict the BLM narrative. Blake was violating a restraining order, menacing a woman whom he was accused of sexually assaulting, at a child’s birthday party. Blake was armed with a knife, and when police attempted to arrest him, he violently resisted arrest and was apparently attempting to steal a vehicle with three young children inside when the police officer shot him. No doubt a police training expert, viewing video of the incident frame-by-frame, would have some recommendations for how this outcome could have been avoided, but in the split-second life-or-death crisis in which the officer found himself involved, the shooting was legally justified, and a federal Justice Department review found no civil rights violation.

When the cop says, “You’re under arrest,” cooperate.

When the cop says, “Drop the knife,” drop the knife.

This is not complicated. You don’t need any Critical Race Theory seminars to teach you that resisting arrest is potentially dangerous.

A police officer never knows when a domestic disturbance call or even a simple traffic stop is going to turn into a life-or-death crisis. Given the many thousands of interactions between police and criminal suspects every week, only a tiny fraction of a single percent of those interactions get the kind of national media attention that Jacob Blake shooting got. In other words, the vast majority of police activity does not fit the narrative of “systemic racism” that the Left promotes. Unless . . .

Unless, that is, what the Left is really against is law enforcement, per se.

That’s what all this talk about “white supremacy” comes down to. What BLM would like us to believe, apparently, is that it is wrong to expect black people to follow the same laws that apply to other Americans.

“Equality,” in the Left’s view, requires a racial double-standard whereby cops are not allowed to arrest a suspect, if the suspect is black.

Steve Sailer’s sarcastic quip, in reference to the Jacob Blake case, gets to the heart of a lot of what BLM (and Democrats, and the media) are trying to argue in such cases. If your Heroic Martyr Victim got shot while resisting arrest, then isn’t your celebration of this criminal act really an argument in favor of resisting arrest? But if resisting arrest becomes routine in the black community, isn’t it likely that more black suspects will be shot by police? Oh, wait a minute . . .

By encouraging criminal activity — resisting arrest is a crime — what BLM is really trying to do is provoke more police shootings, which will lead to more riots, and thus more fundraising for BLM, etc.

This cynical “social justice” racket isn’t going to do a damned thing to improve the quality of life for black Americans, except for making millionaires of a few clever grifters like Patrice Cullors. And by obstructing law enforcement, BLM enables more widespread criminal activity in the black community, with the result that thousands of black people are killed in places like Chicago, Baltimore and Philadelphia.

The negative impact of BLM’s irresponsible rhetoric (amplified and endorsed by Democrats and the media) will not be limited to the black community, however. This brings up something that was called to my attention yesterday — immediately after the Rittenhouse verdict, CNN kept repeating the phrase “all-white jury,” as if this was somehow significant in a case where a white guy shot three other white guys.

Kenosha County, Wisconsin, is 87% white, 7% black — it’s not as if having an “all-white jury” is something unusual there, but CNN had to find some way to play the “race card,” because what other purpose would be served by their wildly distorted coverage? CNN never misses an opportunity to incite race riots, which are good for ratings, I guess.

The news media thrive on conflict, and when they produce coverage that functions to create conflict — CNN spent the summer of 2020 as a cheerleading squad for rioting mobs — responsible citizens have a duty to call out their media for their “fake news.”

* — This was changed. I first wrote that the cop “killed” Jacob Blake when, in fact, he survived the shooting.



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