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Crazy People Are Dangerous: Psycho Torches Fox Christmas Tree in Manhattan

Posted on | December 8, 2021 | Comments Off on Crazy People Are Dangerous: Psycho Torches Fox Christmas Tree in Manhattan

Happy holidays from New York’s “catch-and-release” courts:

A 49-year-old Brooklyn man has been arrested for allegedly setting a huge Christmas tree outside the FOX News building in midtown Manhattan ablaze early Wednesday, causing a wild scene and endangering passersby, police said.
Craig Tamanaha was taken into custody at the West 48th Street and Sixth Avenue scene just after midnight and charged hours later with a bevy of crimes, including arson, reckless endangerment, criminal mischief and trespassing, the NYPD said.
Police officials said the fire, which was deemed international by fire marshals, caused an estimated $500,000 in property damage in addition to unnecessarily frightening anyone who happened to walk by as the stunning scene developed.
No injuries were reported, but FOX News Media CEO Suzanne Scott blasted the incident as a “malicious arson attack” in a company-wide email sent Wednesday.
It wasn’t immediately clear how the fire was set, though authorities say Tamanaha allegedly had a lighter at the time he was taken into custody. . . .
It’s also not clear why Tamanaha allegedly set the blaze in the first place, but police say the fire didn’t appear to be premeditated or politically motivated. They believe he acted alone.
NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea said Wednesday that Tamanaha is known to the department and has a series of low-level out-of-state arrests, possibly from cases stemming out of Texas, and drug-related offenses.
“He was issued earlier this year some appearance tickets and didn’t come back to court, which is something we see all too often,” Shea said. “I think it’s one where he’s working alone. It’s all very fresh. It’s probably a little preliminary to say what the motivation was. Was mental illness a factor? We’re looking at all of that.”

While the suspect has a Brooklyn address, police say he is known to “loiter” in the Manhattan district near Fox HQ:

Crime is soaring all over the city with violent attacks on subways and random assaults in the street happening far more frequently than in the past two years.
Outgoing Mayor Bill de Blasio has been largely blamed for the surge in violence, after softening bail reform to let criminals out of jail early then moving homeless people out of shelters and onto the streets or into hotels during the height of the pandemic.
His term ends on December 31.

Worst mayor ever — worse even than David Dinkins. But it’s not as if New Yorkers are innocent victims — this pro-criminal/anti-cop policy is what they voted for when they elected Bill de Blasio. And of course, 78% of Manhattan residents voted for Biden, so that he could wreck America the way Democrats have already wrecked New York. The city is almost entirely populated by malicious, hateful people, because no decent or honest person would live there. New Yorkers certainly deserve whatever evil fate befalls them, and psychos burning down Christmas trees are the least of their problems. After all, we are talking about people so wicked that they have elected and re-elected Sen. Chuck Schumer.



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