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Nevada Cops Shoot White Guy With Diploma From Elite University

Posted on | January 17, 2022 | Comments Off on Nevada Cops Shoot White Guy With Diploma From Elite University

“I have a dream — a dream of a land where someday white suspects will get shot by the cops the same way black suspects get shot by the cops!”

Boys and girls, we have reached the Promised Land:

A Colorado man who was shot in the leg by law enforcement at the Red Rock Canyon scenic loop [Nov. 11] appeared in a Las Vegas courtroom early {Nov. 16} and had his bail affirmed at $100,000.
Clark County Chief Deputy District Attorney Giancarlo Pesci said during a Las Vegas Justice Court appearance for Erik Legried, 29, that the events leading to Legried’s shooting started when a family member of Legried’s called police prior to 7 a.m. Thursday to report he was suicidal. The Nevada Highway Patrol later found Legried driving a black Toyota Tacoma near the scenic loop visitor center.
“He has mental health issues and was not taking his medicine,” Pesci said. “(A police report) indicates he was driving at a very high rate of speed, crashed into a fence, then the troopers decided to stop him, to help him, told him to wait, and he took off at a high rate of speed. Then, he slammed his (truck) into one of the trooper’s vehicles.”
At least one NHP trooper discharged their firearm at Legried, wounding him in the leg. He was treated at an area hospital, then jailed on multiple felonies, including four counts of battery with a use of a deadly weapon against a first responder and evading arrest.
Pesci told Justice of the Peace Pro-Tem Holly Stoberski that because of Legried’s mental health issues and “dangerous acts,” his bail — set at $100,000 during a Friday court hearing — should remain the same.
“He’s a danger to this community and he’s a danger to law enforcement,” Pesci said.
Legried’s two attorneys, Christopher Mishler and William Brown, asked Stoberski to lower the bail. They said Legried’s mother in Minnesota had arranged for him to receive mental health treatment as a criminal case against him makes his way through the courts.
“They have a mental health screening set up at the Mayo Clinic,” Mishler said. “We’ve talked to him. He is in agreement that is proper. … He is willing to do that.”
The defense attorneys asked the judge to lower bail to $10,000 and impose electronic monitoring. Stoberski, however, kept the bail the same, noting even if Legried were released on bail with electronic monitoring, he would still have to remain in Southern Nevada while charges are pending.
In court, Legried described himself as a debate instructor, artist and musician. A preliminary hearing in the case was set for Nov. 30.

You’ve got to watch the video (skip to 5:12 for the action).

The thing is, Legried is not just some random white boy. He has a degree in philosophy from Northwestern University, and was once a debate coach at the prestigious Brentwood School in L.A. Yet just seven years after graduating college, he’s a “danger to this community,” off his meds, ramming police cars and getting shot by cops.

Do you think any of his fellow alumni of Northwestern ($79,197 a year, including room and board) are protesting about “excessive force” or Legried’s “rights” being violated by the cops? No, they don’t care. They’re more like, “Yeah, that crazy loser had it coming.” Nobody’s looting Walmart or toppling statues, because there is no political benefit for Democrats when white guys get shot by cops.

The Black Lives Matter movement is, and always was, a political scam.



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