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Good News From New York

Posted on | January 24, 2022 | Comments Off on Good News From New York

Important, because most of the news from there is bad nowadays:

The “distorted” career criminal accused of shooting two Manhattan cops, killing one and leaving the other clinging to life, died of his wounds Monday, officials said.
Lashawn McNeil, 47, had been in critical condition since being shot by a third officer after fatally gunning down Finest Jason Rivera, 22, and critically wounding NYPD cop Wilbert Mora, 27, during a domestic disturbance inside his brother’s Harlem apartment Friday.
“I hope he burns in hell,” a veteran cop said of McNeil.
Mayor Eric Adams confirmed McNeil’s death at a press conference on gun violence.
Meanwhile, Officer Mora is still clinging to life, police said.
Asked about Mora, the grim-faced mayor, a former city transit cop, called for “prayers.
“Prayers for the family, prayers for our city that we move in the right direction,” he said.
McNeil, who was hit in the head and arm by rookie Officer Sumit Sulan, had been declared brain dead after the incident, a source said.
McNeil’s mother has told The Post that her son, who grew up in Far Rockaway, was mentally ill.
“His mental state is very distorted, and that’s all I can say,” Shirley Sourzes said over the weekend
Sources added Monday that her son lived in Baltimore but that she brought him back to New York to care for his older brother, who has a brain tumor.
She spoke to The Post hours before her son died.
She said she regretted ever dialing 911 on Friday when she got into a beef with him and said she blamed herself for the tragedy that followed.
“If I knew, I never would have made the phone call,” she said. “I would never have called!
“I would like to say to Mr. and Mrs. [Rivera] that I am deeply sorry,” she added. “I know that there is not words that I can express.”
Police said the deranged gunman ambushed the cops by opening fire with an illegally modified Glock .45-caliber handgun during the incident.
The convicted felon was on probation for a 2003 drug conviction when he shot the cops, NYPD Chief of Detectives James Essig said at a press conference Saturday.
McNeil also had several busts outside of the five boroughs, including a 1998 arrest for gun possession — which was later dismissed — and a 2002 Pennsylvania arrest for assaulting a police officer.
He had two other busts in Pennsylvania the following year for felony and misdemeanor drug charges, records show.
The gun used to shoot the two NYPD cops, which was stolen from Baltimore in 2017, was illegally equipped with a high-capacity magazine that holds an additional 40 rounds.

Convicted felon, on probation, with a stolen gun, killed a cop.

He’s dead now, and that’s the only good news from New York lately. Permit me to point out, in case anyone doesn’t understand, what “career criminal” means. McNeil was in his early 20s when he was busted for illegal gun possession. Four years later, he assaulted a cop, and he was convicted in 2003 for a serious enough drug charge that he was still on probation 19 years later. Despite this fact, which would have prohibited him from possessing firearms, he was armed — with a stolen gun — and why? Who needs a pistol with a 40-round magazine? A serious drug dealer, that’s who. So it would appear that McNeil has been dealing drugs his entire adult life. Is there any evidence that he ever worked an actual job, earning a living by honest means? Not that we know of.

His mother says he was mentally ill — a “very distorted” mental state — but was there any clinical diagnosis of this condition? Had he sought treatment? Or was it rather the case, as we may suspect, that he was collecting disability payments for this phantom “illness” to augment his drug-dealing revenue? Whatever the case may be, the existence of a category of “career criminals” like Lashawn McNeil is a reality that liberal politicians and media commentators refuse to acknowledge when such habitual perpetrators get killed by cops. Anyone who researches George Floyd’s criminal history realizes that he hadn’t spent any time earning an honest living; in Texas, he was engaged in more than one violent robbery, and in Minneapolis, he was attempting to pass counterfeit currency when he was arrested and died of a fentanyl overdose (which had little or nothing to do with how the cops treated him). More than a few others hailed as martyrs by the Black Lives Matter movement had similar criminal histories. It’s not “systemic racism” that’s getting these people killed; it’s their habitual involvement in criminal behavior.

Probably the mob won’t loot any stores or topple any statues to protest the death of Lashawn McNeil — shoot two cops in an ambush, and not even Ben Crump can depict you as a victim of racism — but he is in many ways typical of the category of criminals that BLM has tried to turn into civil-rights icons. Perhaps others are willing to play along with that charade, but I am too street-wise to be played for a chump.



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