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‘Air Biden’: Midnight Flights Bring Illegals From Border, and It’s ‘Racist’ to Notice

Posted on | January 30, 2022 | Comments Off on ‘Air Biden’: Midnight Flights Bring Illegals From Border, and It’s ‘Racist’ to Notice

Remember, the “Great Replacement” is just a right-wing myth:

The Biden administration doesn’t want media attention on illegal immigration, its open border policies, or the results of those policies. How do we know? A security officer just said so, in an explosive video of secretive, dark-of-night flights transporting illegal immigrants to various points throughout the US.
This video merits coast-to-coast media coverage, not just to expose the administration’s stealth operations that flout the laws, but to encourage Americans and leaders at all levels of government to demand that the administration start protecting our border, our country, and our citizens.
The list of lies administration officials have told regarding their handling of illegal immigration is extensive and still growing. How many times have they refused to call the historic numbers of illegal immigrants crossing the southern border a “crisis” or implausibly claimed the border is “closed”? . . .
Over the last several months, night flights of illegal migrants have been periodically reported in places such as Florida, New York, Pennsylvania and Tennessee. In each instance, state and local officials received no notice they were coming, let alone given an option to refuse them admission. The administration has no apparent concern with how these “air lifts” may burden local officials with additional costs and facilities capacity in areas such as education, housing, healthcare and law enforcement.
When asked why the administration was flying illegal immigrants in the middle of the night, press secretary Jen Psaki belittled the reporter and then lied. She claimed that the flights were resettling unaccompanied children. Yet videos of these surreptitious flights clearly show full grown adults emerging from the planes.

Anyone asking questions is a “racist,” of course:

Last summer I was notified of secret overnight flights coming into Westchester County Airport that were transporting thousands of illegal immigrants apprehended at the southern border. Having overseen the airport during my tenure as county executive, I knew that flights arriving after midnight are not allowed so I started asking questions publicly.
Who are on these planes? Have they been vetted and COVID tested? How many flights so far and how many more are scheduled? Where are these illegal immigrants being placed and who is paying for all this? Have background checks been done, especially on the adults?
What happened next was entirely predictable. I and other local residents were called “racist” and “xenophobic” simply for asking questions. Seemingly, neither the current county executive nor the governor cared or had any interest in knowing what was happening in their jurisdiction.
We ignored the taunts and continued to demand answers.
Finally, we were told that these were only unaccompanied minors and they were not being resettled locally. That was a lie. I eventually learned that the flights began in April and grew more frequent with larger planes by summer. I personally witnessed and videotaped dozens of adult male migrants boarding charter buses and being dropped off to waiting cars at a nearby Costco parking lot.
And New York Post journalist Miranda Devine’s investigation found that many of the undocumented individuals were indeed being resettled throughout Westchester, Long Island and the other New York suburbs.
Recently we secured police body-camera footage from the tarmac after one of the flights. A government contractor is seen on the recording telling a county police sergeant that Homeland Security wants the flights from the border “on the down-low. … Everything is supposed to be hush-hush.” . . .

Importing future Democratic voters is serious business.



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