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Crime Is a People Problem, Which Is Why You Can’t Expect Democrats to Solve It

Posted on | February 3, 2022 | Comments Off on Crime Is a People Problem, Which Is Why You Can’t Expect Democrats to Solve It

Joe Biden went to New York City today and gave a speech which was billed in advance as addressing the unprecedented crime wave in America’s cities but was instead an attack on the Second Amendment:

Across the country, police departments reported sharp increases in the number of ghost guns found at crime scenes. That’s why, today, the department is launching an intes- — an intensified National Ghost Gun Enforcement Initiative to determine and deter criminals from using those weapons to cover their tracks.
If you commit a crime [with a] ghost gun, not only are state and local prosecutors going to come after you, but expect federal charges and federal prosecution as well.
We’ve also created a strike force to crack down on illegal gun trafficking across state lines. As the mayor said, as he pointed out, guns that are used to kill people in New York City, they aren’t made in New York City, they aren’t sold in New York City. They are sold in other places.
Today, the Attorney General directed all U.S. attorneys in the United States to prioritize combating gun trafficking across state lines and city boundaries.
The Justice Department is sending additional prosecutorial resources to help shut down what’s referred to, as you all know, as the “Iron Pipeline” that funnels guns from shops in states like Georgia to crime scenes in Baltimore and Philadelphia and New York and so many other places. . . .
I’ll keep doing everything in my power to make sure that communities are safer. But Congress needs to do its part too: pass universal background checks, ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, close loopholes, and keep out of the hands of domestic abusers — weapons, repeal the liability shield for gun manufacturers.
Imagine had we had a liability — they’re the only industry in America that is exempted from being able to be sued by the public. The only one. Imagine had that been the way with cigarette manufacturers. Where the hell would we — where the heck would we be? We’d be in tough shape.
Why gun manufacturers? Because of the power of their lobbying ability. It’s got to end. End. They’ve got to be held responsible for the things that they do that are irresponsible.
And, folks, you know, it’s the only industry in America, as I said, that’s exempt from being sued. And I think — I find it to be outrageous.

You see that he’s portraying Democrat-run cities — New York, Baltimore, Philadelphia, etc. — as victims of “shops” selling guns “in states like Georgia,” and of the “lobbying” by “gun manufacturers,” as if this were the explanation of why crime is out of control in places where Democrats are pursuing a “social justice” agenda of turning criminals loose in the streets. Everything could be solved, Biden implies, if only Congress would enact the laws he wants. The speech Biden gave was merely a distraction from the actual cause of this crime wave:

Crime is a people problem. It’s not a drug problem. It’s not a poverty problem or a gun problem. Crime is caused by bad people — criminals — who will commit crime more or less continuously unless they’re put behind bars. The only way you can reduce crime is to identify the criminals, arrest them, and send them to prison. It doesn’t really matter what they’re arrested and convicted for — burglary, assault, drug possession, car theft, whatever — what matters is that you convict them of something, and get them off the streets. Put enough thugs in prison, and the would-be thugs on the street will be discouraged from following in their footsteps. 

That’s what I wrote Monday about a “running gun battle” in Polk County, Florida and you may ask, “If this is so obvious, why doesn’t anyone in the Biden administration see it that way?” Because everyone in the Biden administration is a Democrat, and Democrats are the Party of Crime, elected to office by criminals. The people who elect Democrats are very bad people — dishonest, violent, drug-addicted perverts, the vilest scum of humanity — and they are concentrated in the communities where criminal activity is so prevalent as to be a way of life. A policy of sending thieves, burglars, pimps, rapists and drug dealers to prison will be opposed by Democratic officials, because these crimes are part of the habitual lifestyle of the voters who elect Democrats.

Try this sometime: Google “mall arrest shooting.” Who is typically involved in shootings at shopping malls? Hint: Not Republican voters.

Teens arrested in Brooklyn mall
shooting that left two injured

Three reputed gang members have been charged with allegedly shooting two teens at a Brooklyn mall — a midday melee that sent 10 rounds flying in a sneaker shop, cops and law enforcement sources said Tuesday.
Timothy Briggs, 19, allegedly pulled a gun during the dispute at 2:30 p.m. Monday inside Kings Plaza Shopping Center in Mill Basin, firing roughly 10 shots at six young men, striking two of them, ages 14 and 16, authorities said. . . .
Briggs, a reputed member of the Blood Hound Brims gang, and two other teens have been charged in the shooting — which sources say is believed to be gang related.
Briggs was charged with two counts each of attempted murder, assault, criminal possession of a loaded firearm, criminal use of a firearm and four counts of reckless endangerment, authorities said.
The teen was arrested last November in Brooklyn and charged with criminal possession of a weapon after officers allegedly found two Glock pistols on him following a car chase, according to the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office.
Bail in that case, which is still pending, had been set at $25,000 but Briggs posted $2,500 bond — and was out at the time of Monday’s shooting, according to the Office of Court Administration.
“Here he is in Kings Plaza, armed with another gun, firing shots in a mall, which is open,” Chief Michael Kemper, commanding officer of Patrol Borough Brooklyn South, told reporters at a Monday press briefing.
Jaheim Covington, 19, was also hit with multiple raps in connection to the shooting, authorities said. Sources said he’s an alleged member of the Depend on Nobody gang.

Was it a “ghost gun”? Was the gun used by Timothy Briggs sold in a Georgia gun shop and smuggled to New York via the “Iron Pipeline”? Would changing laws — universal background checks, etc. — have prevented Briggs from shooting up the mall? No, nothing that Biden has proposed would have prevented this crime. What would have prevented it would be (a) not to let this teenage monster out on bail, and (b) send him to prison for a long time. By the way, who bailed Briggs out of jail when he was caught with two guns in November? Did his mama just happen to have a spare $2,500 lying around the house? Or is it more likely, as I suspect, that the bail money came from the proceeds of Briggs’s drug trafficking? What do you think these people do for cash, anyway?

They’re Democrats. It’s not like they work honest jobs. And because they vote Democrat, they’re protected by Democrats, so that they are essentially exempt from the law in Democrat-controlled New York.

Joe Biden is not going to do anything about this problem. He would not be president, were it not for the enthusiastic support of criminals.



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