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How to Die in Philadelphia

Posted on | February 11, 2022 | Comments Off on How to Die in Philadelphia

Even though Philadelphia set an all-time record for homicides last year, nearly twice as many people died of drug overdoses as died of gunshot wounds in “Killadelphia” in 2021.

Dana Pico notes that Philadelphia wanted to open a “supervised injection site” where junkies could presumably shoot up more safely than where they would otherwise shoot up, but the city ran up against the problem that such a site would violate federal law that makes it a felony to operate such a place. And the city’s lenient attitude toward junkies is not unrelated to the surge of deadly violence in “Killadelphia”:

Drug users are not somehow ‘not criminals’, no matter what District Attorney Krasner likes to think. To obtain their recreational pharmaceuticals, they have to buy them from a drug dealer, and Philadelphia’s record-setting 562 murders in 2021 were largely fueled by gang warfare, mostly drug gang warfare. Junkies buying heroin and fentanyl are a captive market which keeps the dealers in operation, and that endangers all Philadelphians.

Heroin, meth and cocaine are soul-destroying addictions, even among those who don’t die of overdoses, and drug abuse is highly correlated to other criminal activity, including not only the gang violence by drug dealers, but also the theft and burglary committed by dopeheads trying to get money to feed their habits. If it were possible to solve that problem with “social justice” approaches, wouldn’t progressives be able to point to successful programs somewhere? Instead, everywhere the progressives are in charge, these problems have skyrocketed out of control.



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