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In The Mailbox: 03.03.22 (Afternoon Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

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Silicon Valley delenda est.
Ninety Miles From Tyranny: The 90 Miles Mystery Box, Episode #1644
EBL: St. Michael The Archangel
Twitchy: Want To See Actual Collusion? also, Bad Orange Woman Dismisses Notion That US Is Partially Funding War On Ukraine
Louder With Crowder: Ukrainians Shrink-Wrapping Looters To Electric Poles, also, Wyoming Votes To Defund Gender Studies
Vox Popoli: “We Fight For This New World Order”, Justified & Necessary, and Syllogation

Adam Piggott: How You Can Get Da Girlz
American Conservative: Elon Musk, Hero?
American Greatness: U.S. Army Forces Officers To Undergo “Gender Identity” Training, also, The Biden Inflation Octopus
American Power: Israel’s Balancing Act On Ukraine, also, Alexander Vindman’s Wife Delivers A Psychotic Statement For The Ages
American Thinker: “Madman Putin” – The Globalists’ Disinformation Play, also, How COVID Spending & Green Policies Enabled Putin’s March Into Ukraine
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Hump Day News
Babalu Blog: More Than 200 Anti-government Protests In Cuba During February, also, Nearly 10,000 Cubans Entered U.S. Through Mexican Border In February
BattleSwarm: 2022 Texas Primary Results
Behind The Black: Martian Crater Overwhelmed By Glacier?, NASA IG – SLS/Orion Cost Per Launch Is “Unsustainable” $4.1 Billion, and The Sun Rages On
Cafe Hayek: An Economist’s Lament
Da Tech Guy: Six Things To Keep In Mind Regarding Ukraine & Russia, A Dozen Hard Facts Concerning Russia’s Invasion, and Two Miscalculations
Don Surber: “Parents Matter”, Biden Is The Last CinC Ukraine Needs, and The Wreck Of the Felicity Ace
First Street Journal: NIMBY!, Bidenflation, and The Future Of Journalism?
Gates Of Vienna: The Echoes Of Krever, The Thugs Of Ottawa, and The EU Conspiracy
The Geller Report: All 33 Trump-Endorsed Candidates In Texas Skate To Victory, also, 17 Disgusting Lies Biden Told During SOTU
Hogewash: Where Is The Moon’s South Pole?, Team Kimberlin Post of The Day, and What’s Up For March 2022
Hollywood In Toto: Brian DePalma’s Femme Fatale Let It All Hang Out, Sorry, The Batman Can’t Improve On Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy, and Take Back The Night Teeters Between Outrage & Overt Messaging
The Lid: Woke Professor Claims U.S. Went To War With Japan Because Of White Supremacy, also, Ukrainians Eliminate Elite Chechen Hit Squad
Legal Insurrection: Finland & Sweden Continue Intriguing Response To Russian Threats About Joining NATO, Seattle-Area School Board Defends Segregating Meetings By Skin Color, and An Explanation Of “The Roots Of Wokeness”
Nebraska Energy Observer: A Whiff Of Freedom, Woke? No, Awake, and Cultural Decay
Outkick: Carli Lloyd On Playing For USWNT In Recent Years, EA Sports Dumps Russian Squads From FIFA 2022, and Russian Figure Skaters Bounced
Power Line: After Last Night, Trump’s Second Term, and This Week In Racism
Shark Tank: Controversial Education Bills Head To Full Senate
Shot In The Dark: Safety
STUMP: Motor Vehicle Accident Deaths, Part 1
The Political Hat: Mark Levin On Nationalism & Populism, also, Rhode Island And Teacher Prerogatives
This Ain’t Hell: Interesting If True, “Everything We Are Told Is BS”, and This Just In
Transterrestrial Musings: The Ukraine Debacle, The Roots Of Wokeness, and Biden’s War On Energy
Victory Girls: GOP Rebuttals Push Back On Manic Biden Speech, Lauren Boebert Heckles Biden At SOTU, Elites Faint, and Trump’s Grand Criminal Conspiracy
Volokh Conspiracy: Ketanji Brown Jackson On Race & Judging
Weasel Zippers: Cruz – “The Most Out Of Touch SOTU I’ve Ever Heard”, Flashback – Biden Vowed To Filibuster First Potential Black Female Nominee To SCOTUS, and Biden Has “No Strategic Interest” In Sanctioning Russian Gas
The Federalist: Biden Pledges To Double Down On Failing Energy Policies, Democrats Have A Teachers Union Problem, and Debunking Biden’s SOTU Border Baloney Line By Line
Mark Steyn: My One And Only Love, Rollback Of The Nineties, and Biden & The Big One

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