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Back Where She Belongs

Posted on | May 1, 2022 | Comments Off on Back Where She Belongs

Kathleen Kane is behind bars, after being arrested for a probation violation and returned to Montgomery County Correctional Facility in Norristown, Pennsylvania. A judge ordered her arrest after Kane was charged with drunk driving after a March 12 car crash in Scranton.

In case you didn’t know it, Kane was once a “rising star” of the Democratic Party after being elected as Pennsylvania’s first female attorney general in 2012. In her victory speech, Kane boasted that her election had “expanded the boundaries for women in Pennsylvania.”

As it turned out, these expanded boundaries would include getting locked up and disbarred. Kane was sentenced to jail after a jury in 2016 convicted her of felony perjury and multiple misdemeanor charges related to a scandal over leaked grand jury evidence.

What happened was that a story appeared in the Philadelphia Inquirer about Kane’s decision to drop prosecution of a case that one of the prosecutors in the attorney general’s office had developed against six black Democratic legislators in Philadelphia. Stung by the bad publicity and believing that the prosecutor in that case had leaked information to the media, Kane set about retaliating in 2014 by leaking confidential grand jury information to the Philadelphia Daily News in an effort to discredit the prosecutor. This in turn provoked an investigation that resulted in the charges against Kane, who claimed she was the victim of political enemies seeking to “overturn an election of somebody they just don’t like.” At her 2016 trial, part of the evidence was an FBI recording of two Democratic political operatives discussing Kane’s decision to leak the grand jury information:

Kathleen is unhinged,” [consultant Josh] Morrow said, in the recording. “She doesn’t even have a strategy to do this — just throw everything at the wall and see what sticks.”
[John] Lisko, former chief of staff to state Treasurer Rob McCord, used an expletive in response to Kane’s request that Morrow help her leak the documents, adding: “I just don’t see. It doesn’t even make sense.”

It was just a tawdry scandal all the way around and — after resigning from office, exhausting her appeals, and being disbarred — Kane went to jail in November 2018, sentenced to 10-to-23 months. She was released from jail in July 2019 after serving eight months, but was still on probation when she got busted for DUI in March, so now she’s back where she belongs. Of course, I believe pretty much all Democrats should be behind bars, but we’ve got to start somewhere, and a former “rising star” who “expanded the boundaries for women” is a good start.



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