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In The Mailbox: 06.02.22 (Afternoon Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Back in Vegas; the plan is to pick up my Kia tomorrow at Pep Boys and haul ass for Tonopah. Might get two posts up tomorrow, might not. In the meantime, thanks for everyone who bought stuff through my Amazon links this past month. It’s good to have some spare change to throw at Sonic – or Sheetz, depending on one’s location.
Silicon Valley delenda est.

The left seems fascinated by our penises. Jealousy?

EBL: Thomas Sowell – Common Sense In A Senseless World, also, Who Killed Fawn Leibowitz?
Twitchy: CNN Reports Slow Joe Employs More Than 70 Staffers To Handle Digital Content, also, Dana Loesch Drags TF Out Of Jerry Nadler For Mansplaining That Women Should Just Disarm
Louder With Crowder: “But You HAVE Pooped In It”, also, Top Gun: Maverick Takes Box Office By Storm
Vox Popoli: Staged Show In Texas?, Who Deceives Wins, and The Great Bifurcation Continues
Stoic Observations: The Brokenhearted Woman
Gab News: Talking Our Way Out Of Rocky Horror

Adam Piggott: Podcast #153 – The First World Episode
American Conservative: Hillary Was In On Russiagate, also, The DOJ Brings Back Obama-Era Slush Funds
American Greatness: FBI Has Maintained Secure Workspace Inside Democrat Law Firm Perkins Coie Since 2012, also, DOJ To Investigate Police Response To Uvalde Shooting
American Power: Serhii Plokny, Atoms & Ashes, also, Let The Pre-Criminations Begin
American Thinker: I Wish Our Government Understood Memorial Day, also, Biden’s Energy Inflation Is No Accident
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Electrical Grid News, also, Animal’s Hump Day News
Babalu Blog: Elections In Colombia – A Temporary Reprieve From CommunismCuba Has Sold Over $1.3 Billion In Blood & Human Organs To Other Countries, and The Prostitution Of Jose Marti By Cuba’s Dictatorship 
BattleSwarm: LinkSwarm For May 27, Are You A Woman? and These Are The Cope Cages
Behind The Black: Today’s Blacklisted American, Engineers Rethinking Ingenuity Ops To Keep Him Alive Through Winter, and FAA Once Again Delays Starship Liftoff From Boca Chica
Cafe Hayek: Save Us From Such “Progress”, Oh My Gosh Canada, and Enough With Potted History
CDR Salamander: Keeping An Eye On The Long Game, Part XCIV
Chicago Boyz: A Farrago Of Fail
Da Tech Guy: Five Gun & School Thoughts Under The Fedora, Stop Pretending That Star Wars [Fandom] Hates Black People, and Leftists In Their Silo Created MiniTru, Ultra MAGA, and Chicago’s Summer Of Joy
Don Surber: Lefties Agree The House Will Flip Red, The Faces Of Gun Owners, and The Real Replacement
First Street Journal: But The Horse Identified As A Mare!, Update On A Lexington Killer, and Killadelphia
Gates Of Vienna: The Estrogen Revolution, The Cartelization Of Europe, and Nice Work If You Can Get It
The Geller Report: “He Wasn’t Bullied, HE WAS THE BULLY”, Wisconsin Voters Sue Democrat Cities Over Illegal Drop Boxes In 2020 Election, and Nancy Pelosi’s Allegedly Drunken Husband Reportedly Arrested For DUI
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post Of The Day, Tonight’s Sky For June 2022, and That’s About The Size Of It
Hollywood In Toto: Uncanceled – Gina Carano’s Terror On The Prairie Lands June Release, How First Blood Laps Its Populist Sequels, and Is Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos Getting Red-Pilled In Realtime?
The Lid: Jerusalem Day, also, Unity? Slow Joe Talks Of Tolerance While Lying That J6 Rioters Killed Police
Legal Insurrection: Gibson’s Bakery Seeks To Execute On $36 Million Appeal Bond Since Oberlin College Failed To Gain Stay Of Appeals Court Mandate, The Threat To America’s Bacon & Egg Breakfasts, and Boston U. Professor Claims Property Is Racist
Nebraska Energy Observer: Random…Music!, Abortion In The Early Church, and Memorial Day
Outkick: Former VT LB Isememen Etute Acquitted In Murder Of Trap, Detroit Tigers Funneling Money To Kids For Trans Surgeries, and Real Madrid Crowned Kings Of Europe For 14th Time After Beating Liverpool 1-0
Power Line: The Daily Beast Is Sorry, A Dirty Trick Foiled? and A Bumblebee Needs Fins…
Shark Tank: LGBTQ Catfight Erupts Between Christina Pushaw & Carlos Guillermo Smith
Shot In The Dark: Put Another, Uh, Dime, In The…Jukebox?, What A Difference Four Years Makes, and The Home Team
STUMP: Misleading Gun Death Stats Part I
The Political Hat: When One Of The Voices In Your Head Is Paint-Gendered
This Ain’t Hell: New BATF Chief Nominee, Occasional Cortex’s Grand Gesture, and Space Force – New Grooming Standards & More
Transterrestrial Musings: The Tour Of Starbase, Stuart Kirk, and The New Normal
Victory Girls: U.S, Forest Service Started Massive NM Blaze, Lockdown King Gavin Newsom Gets The Coof, and Flashcard Grooming Begins As Early As Pre-School
Volokh Conspiracy: A Response To The Latest Vilification Campaign Against The NRA, also, Private Gun Carriers’ Self-Defense Against Public Shooters
Watts Up With That: A Global ESG System Is Almost Here, Wind Park Destruction Of 1000-Year-Old Untouched German Forest Exposes “Absurdity Of Green Energies”, and MIT Weighs In On Energy Storage
Weasel Zippers: Joe Biden Makes Bizarre Claim About Naval Academy, Inconvenient Truth – Arctic Ice At 10-Year High, and SCOTUS Leak Hunt Heats Up
The Federalist: After Nixing 50 Million Gallon/Day Desalination Plant, California Demands Residents Use Less Water, Fairfax County Parents Rally Against Policy Punishing Their Middle-Schoolers For “Misgendering” Classmates, and Democrats Are Fooling Themselves On Guns
Mark Steyn: Start The Revolution Without Me, Texas Messed, and Lincoln Returns To Washington

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