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In The Mailbox: 06.15.22 (Afternoon Edition)

Posted on | June 15, 2022 | Comments Off on In The Mailbox: 06.15.22 (Afternoon Edition)

— compiled by Wombat-socho

Long and tiring day yesterday with lots of errands to run, and I just flat ran out of time to get the blogging done. Here’s the makeup for yesterday.
Silicon Valley delenda est.

357 Magnum: Constitutional Carry In Ohio
EBL: The Staircase
Twitchy: Washington Free Beacon Busts Biden & Ron Klain For Lying About Domestic Oil Production, also, Peak Tom Nichols Reached
Louder With Crowder: Elon Musk Gets Results, also, Reset The Clock – Biden Has Another Senile Meltdown
Vox Popoli: The Battle Of Ukraine Is Over, The Tragedy Of Suddenly, and Are You Really THAT Stupid?
Gab News: You Have An Enemy That Hates You – Do Not Ever Forget It

Adam Piggott: The J6 Protesters Took Aim At The King & Missed
American Conservative: What Happens When The Third Rome Falls?, also, America Is Crippling Small Farmers
American Greatness: WH Says Biden Will Run For Reelection In 2024, also, The J6 Pilot Flopped
American Power: The Good White Man Roster, also, Why Aren’t Dems Dancing For Joy about Sky-High Gas Prices?
American Thinker: It’s Not About The AR-15, also, American Individualism Is Being Extinguished By The New “Elite”
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Alaska Politics News
Babalu Blog: Another Cuban Exile Suing Over Her Portrayal In The Wasp Network, also, Goodbye Chicken – Hello Shark Meat & Apples
BattleSwarm: Red China’s High Speed Rail Network Is A Trillion Dollar Debt Sinkhole, also, Bank Runs In Red China?
Behind The Black: Today’s Blacklisted American, Ingenuity Successfully Completes 29th Flight On Mars, and Momentus Concedes Vigoride Tug Probably Won’t Be Able To Deploy The Rest Of Its Smallsats
Cafe Hayek: Riding Social Security Off A Cliff, also, COVID Poses No Significant Risks To Children
CDR Salamander: There Must Be Consequences To European Security Freeriding
Da Tech Guy: Thoughts Under The Fedora, Why Nobody In The MSM Should Be Considered Credible, and Report From Louisiana – Our Service Sector Is Anemic
Don Surber: Democrat Leaders Are So Old The Call Boomers “Sonny”, Biden Proves Krugman “Right”, and Democrats Hope Gaytriotism Saves Them
First Street Journal: Pennsylvania Dems Always Double Down On Polices That Have Failed In The Past
Gates Of Vienna: Gypsies vs. Muslims – Who Will Win?, The Bloom Is Off The Ukrainian Rose, and “Wake Up Before It’s Too Late”
The Geller Report: Duval County (Fla.) Hosting Mega Ron DeSantis Boat Rally, also, $863 Million Of Biden’s Stimulus Payments Went To 597,000 Prison Inmates
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post Of The Day, Defects In Red Flag Laws, and A Bit Of ECON 101
Hollywood In Toto: Streisand Effect Supercharges 2000 Mules And What Is A Woman? also, Terror On The Prairie‘s Tyler Fischer Fought The System – And Won
The Lid: Border Patrol Officers Falsely Accused Of Whipping Will Still Face Discipline After Being Cleared
Legal Insurrection: Park Service Renames Yellowstone’s Mount Doane, California Regulations Helped Kill The Golden Pig, and Wholesale Prices Rise Almost 11%
Nebraska Energy Observer: America Rising, also, Waiting
Outkick: Brittney Griner’s Pre-Trial Detention In Russia Extended Again, The Reason Jack Del Rio Was Fined Has Now Changed, and You Won’t Believe What Auburn’s Catcher Said After Reaching Omaha
Power Line: Someone’s Bear Market, Maybe It Was Something We Taxed?, and Democrats Want To Ban Telling The Truth
Shark Tank: Miami-Dade GOP Chair Denounces Proud Boys Accusations
Shot In The Dark: Wrong About Rights, Great Look!, and Lesko Warranty
STUMP: Childhood Mortality Trends, 1999-2021
The Political Hat: Nevada Primary  – End Of Early Voting, also, Happy Flag Day!
This Ain’t Hell: Growing Pressure To Enforce Law Prohibiting Pickets At Justices’ Homes, Fake NBA Star Banned For Life, and Happy Birthday, U.S. Army!
Transterrestrial Musings: Fusion, How Much Would It Cost To Live In Space? and Good News From Boca Chica?
Victory Girls: Is Occasional Cortex Thinking Of Running For President In 2024? also, Twitter Wants To Purge “Libs Of TikTok”
Volokh Conspiracy: Recent Books On The Constitution
Watts Up With That: Biden’s Virtue-Signaling & The Costs Of Climate Policy, also, Australia’s Greenest Voters Plunged Into Darkness
Weasel Zippers: Chevron CEO Says There May Never Be Another Refinery Built In The U.S., Biden Adviser McCarthy – Content Critical Of Green Energy “Transition” Must Be Censored, and Squad Members Say US Will Descend Into Civil War If GOP Wins Midterms
The Federalist: McConnell & Others Who Attack The Second Amendment Can’t Be In GOP Leadership, Twitter Repeatedly Claims “Error” To Disguise Deliberate Censorship Of Conservatives, and Parents Are Profiting From Child Abuse And Fox News Is Helping
Mark Steyn: Over The Rainbow, Happy Birthday To GB News! and Islamic Movie Night!

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