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‘Cryptic Messages’

Posted on | June 20, 2022 | Comments Off on ‘Cryptic Messages’


The “debate” over gun control is never actually a debate. Democrats keep trying to take our guns away, and we keep saying, “Hell, no!”

Enter Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf:

Two important points to make about this:

A. He’s lying,
B. He’s a Democrat, so what else do we expect?

Hannah Cox goes into more detail:

The graphic explains the process of red flag laws like this: Jane sees a Facebook friend, Randy, post “photos of guns and cryptic messages.” She then reports him to the police. (Holy escalation!)
The police then petition a judge to “temporarily” remove Randy’s Second Amendment rights. Police provide “evidence” (seemingly a cryptic Facebook post in this scenario) that Randy is a threat to himself or others. The court agrees to temporarily take away Randy’s rights.
Kumbaya. The justice system is perfect. Nothing to see here.
Come on . . .
Can you imagine how overrun our courts would be if every left-wing Karen could report people for merely owning guns and not liking their government? We have an environment where people are being told speech is violence and where a not insignificant part of the population believes they are justified in “canceling” someone for simply holding differing political views.
We already knew that the red flag law system is ripe for abuse. But Tom Wolf just proved our point all over again.

Tom Wolf is term-limited and can’t seek re-election, and the Democrats have nominated attorney general Josh Shapiro for governor. But the latest Pennsylvania poll shows Shapiro with just a 4-point lead (44%-40%) over Republican Doug Mastriano, and Biden’s favorability is now 10 points underwater in a state he allegedly won by 80,000 votes. Pushing “red flag” laws is unlikely to improve matters for the Democrats in Pennsylvania, where everybody has watched as George Soros-funded DA Larry Krasner turns loose criminals in Philadelphia. And would you care to guess who has given money to Josh Shapiro’s campaign?

Got your “cryptic message” right here: Molon labe.

(Hat-tip: Instapundit.)



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