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Netflix Cancels LGBTQ-Themed Cartoon

Posted on | June 28, 2022 | Comments Off on Netflix Cancels LGBTQ-Themed Cartoon

Why is Netflix such a cesspool of homophobia?

Just when you thought Netflix’s latest cancelation spree was over, another original show won’t be getting a second season. Although, in this case, it’s not a huge surprise that this particular show has received the axe after a fairly underwhelming debut run.
The canceled show in question is called Q-Force, an adult animated comedy that hit Netflix back in September 2021. The show’s first 10 episodes dropped concurrently, and What’s On Netflix discovered that these episodes will comprise the show’s complete run.
Q-Force’s fate has actually been known for a while now. Matt Rogers, one of the show’s writers and voice actors, revealed that “it did not get a second season” on the Attitudes! podcast back in May.
Q-Force is an adult animated comedy that focuses on a group of LGBTQ+ superspies, known as Queer Force, who are looking to prove themselves to the American Intelligence Agency (AIA) that undervalues them.
The group is led by Steve Maryweather, nicknamed Agent Mary (voiced by Sean Hayes), who was once one of the AIA’s hottest young prospects before he came out as gay and was subsequently ostracized by his colleagues. Now he leads Q-Force alongside Twink (Rogers), a French Canadian and “Master of Drag”, Deb (Wanda Sykes), a lesbian mechanic, and Stat (Patti Harrison), a transgender hacker.
The show sees the team not only fight against national security threats but also workplace discrimination and the fact AIA Director Dirk Chunley (Gary Cole) has taken a disliking to the plucky underdogs.

“Plucky underdogs”! Also “stunning” and “brave,” I’m sure.

Netflix is losing subscribers, and recently announced it was laying off 300 employees after laying off 150 in May. Guess the “LGBTQ+ superspies” weren’t very popular with the customers who pay the bills.

Gosh, if only there were a simple catchy phrase to summarize this.



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