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Her EBT Card Got Declined

Posted on | July 12, 2022 | Comments Off on Her EBT Card Got Declined

See this woman here? Stay away from her. She’s trouble.

For days, the media has been going berserk about Jose Alba, 61, an immigrant from the Dominican Republic who was working July 1 in a bodega (which is what they call a mom-and-pop convenience store in New York City) when he was attacked and responded by fatally stabbing his attacker. Even though the self-defense case seems very strong, Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg (who, of course, was elected with money from George Soros) decided to charge Alba with second-degree murder, and had him jailed at Riker’s Island for six days on $250,000 bond before a judge reduced the bond to $50,000 and Alba was released last Thursday.

For more than a week, I’ve kind of half paid attention to this story, but it was not until today that I understood why this craziness happened — it’s that woman in the picture who caused the whole thing. She went into the bodega with her 10-year-old daughter and went to buy the girl a bag of chips when her Electronic Benefits Transfer card (EBT, which has replaced old-fashioned food stamps as a means of feeding the poor) got declined at the register. Alba, who was working the register, then took the bag of chips from the girl. This enraged the woman:

“You can’t touch my daughter. Don’t snatch that out of my daughter, you f–-king piece of sh–!”
Alba is not seen in the footage taking away the chips.
The woman goes on to say “I’m gonna bring my n– down here and he gonna f–k you up. My n— is gonna come down here right now and f–k you up!”
Alba says “That’s not my fault, it’s not working.” He continues to ring up sales, telling one customer of the girlfriend, “She don’t have money.”

It was the first of the month, which is when people get their food stamps (now EBT) in many places, but this woman “don’t have money,” as Alba said. And I don’t know what the situation was, but I know how I feel when, for whatever reason, I try to use my cash card and the transaction is declined. How I feel is embarrassed. Like,  “What? I just got paid. Are you sure? Hang on, let me go call my wife,” and then go outside and have that phone conversation, trying to figure out what happened.

Never once in my life have I gotten angry at the clerk because a transaction was declined. It’s obviously not the clerk’s fault. Maybe it’s my wife’s fault, but probably it’s my fault, but never — not once — has it occurred to me to blame the clerk. What was this woman’s problem?

“I’m gonna bring my n– down here and he gonna f–k you up.”

Her n-word was Austin Simon, a 32-year-old with a lengthy criminal history, with arrests for robbery, assault and domestic violence. He went to state prison after being convicted in 2016 for assaulting a police officer. And somewhere along the line, Simon made the ultimately fatal mistake of getting involved with this crazy woman who starts a fight with a bodega clerk because her EBT card got declined for a bag of potato chips.

Simon shows up at the bodega, starts shoving Alba around and — surprise! — Alba grabs a box cutter and stabs Simon to death.

All because this woman’s EBT card got declined. And despite the fact that she was directly responsible for her boyfriend’s death — “I’m gonna bring my n– down here and he gonna f–k you up.” — this woman still apparently didn’t comprehend that it was entirely her fault:

The video shows a bloody Simon laying on the bodega floor and his girlfriend crying out, “That was over $3. Three f–king dollars. He snatched something out of my daughter…please help him.”

Oh, wait, ma’am — just five minutes earlier, you were telling this clerk how your n-word was going to f–k him up, but now that your n-word is bleeding out on the floor, you decide that maybe dying over “three f–king dollars” wasn’t worth it? Would have been OK with you, I assume, if your felon boyfriend had beaten that clerk into a coma, but when it turns out the old guy was capable of defending himself, suddenly it’s not fair?

Actions, consequences, some assembly required.

You know this lady has to be a Biden voter, right? And as for why Bragg decided to charge the old guy with murder, in what was clearly a case of self-defense, Ace explains: “Because the criminal class is among the Democrats’ most important constituencies.” Yes, and women who go crazy when their EBT cards get declined are another key constituency.

Snake Plissken had the right idea about New York . . .



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