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‘I Think She Was Delusional’

Posted on | July 27, 2022 | 1 Comment

Competition for the 2022 Understatement of the Year Award got a little tougher this week, thanks to Colby James, who was in Dallas Love Field Airport when a crazy woman with a gun got shot by cops:

Dallas police released video Tuesday of the incident involving a woman who fired a gun at Dallas Love Field before an officer shot her.
The woman, wearing a black hoodie, looked to be aiming the weapon in the air late Monday morning before she bought it down and pointed it straight, prompting 15-year Dallas police veteran Ronald Cronin to shoot immediately. . . .
“I’m very proud of him,” Police Chief Eddie Garcia told reporters, referring to the officer. “If it was appropriate, I would have given that officer a medal right here in front of all of you today.”
Before the woman pulled a gun, she told bystanders she had an announcement to make, police said.
The suspect “started to ramble, talking about a marriage, incarceration and that she was going to blow up the airport and then pulls a handgun from her sweatshirt,” Garcia said.
She fired “multiple rounds” into the ceiling at 11:06 a.m. CT before Cronin ordered her to drop her weapon, Garcia said.
That’s when the woman lowered the weapon and pointed it toward Cronin and a bystander, Garcia said. . . .
Garcia praised his officer’s fast work in bringing down the armed woman before anyone else could be harmed.
“The goal is to neutralize a threat. You have to shoot to stop the threat,” Garcia said of the officer, who fired eight or nine rounds, striking the woman multiple times.
The suspect, Portia Odufuwa, 37, underwent surgery and will face charges that include aggravated assault on a public servant, Garcia said.
The suspect claimed that she is married to R&B singer Chris Brown, according to a police affidavit and witness Colby James, 33, a machinist from St. Martinville, Louisiana.
“Her husband was cheating, and her husband was Chris Brown,” James told NBC News. “The singer Chris Brown. I think she was delusional.”

(Really? You think so? What was your first clue?)

Odufuwa has a long criminal record, Garcia said.

(Shocked! Shocked!)

She tried to buy a gun twice at the same pawn shop in August 2016 but was denied each time because of an outstanding traffic warrant out of New Mexico.
The gun used in Monday’s incident is not registered to Odufuwa, and investigators are still trying to determine how she got it.
She was also arrested on April 5, 2019, in connection with an alleged bank robbery in Wylie, and she was taken into custody again on Oct. 4 of that year in connection with an allegation of arson in Mesquite, police said.
Police have not disclosed a possible motive for Monday’s shooting; mental health played a role in her long arrest record. The suspect was detained on Sept. 28, 2020, at Love Field for a mental health evaluation, Garcia said.
Court records showed that a judge last year found her incompetent to stand trial after she was charged with making a false report. However, she wasn’t found to be a danger to others, and she was sent to outpatient mental health services.
And in the 2019 bank robbery case, she was found incompetent to stand trial. The case was dismissed after she underwent treatment, court records showed.

So twice in two years, she was found to be non compos mentis — so crazy she couldn’t be put on trial — and yet was turned loose on the streets:

As recently as last summer a Dallas County judge found the woman accused of opening fire inside a terminal at Dallas’ Love Field airport was not a danger to others, Dallas County records show. . . .
Dallas County Judge Kristin Wade found Odufuwa incompetent to stand trial in misdemeanor case in June 2021 and referred her to outpatient mental health services. . . .
Court records show she has previously faced charges including arson, robbery, criminal trespass and false reporting — all filed in cities across North Texas over the past several years. The outcomes of some cases were unclear Monday though several were dismissed. Court records show she has previously told police she is married to celebrity Chris Brown and that she is “God’s prophet.” . . .
In the case where Odufuwa is accused of pulling the fire alarm, Mesquite police said Monday she was arrested April 25, 2021.
Police said Odufuwa was staying at a hotel in the 4000 block of Towne Crossing, and was refused an extension to her stay. Odufuwa became upset and pulled the fire alarm in front of the clerk, police said.
In that case, Odufuwa gave the address for Brown’s mansion as her home.
That filing a false report case was dismissed by Wade, the judge, in November 2021 even though Odufuwa “did not did not successfully complete the program” when she was found incompetent to stand trial, according to Dallas County court records. She was expected to continue mental health services elsewhere. . . .
On Oct. 4, 2019, about 7:50 p.m., officers were sent to the 900 block of Bridgewater Lane, near Valleycreek Road because a house was on fire.
Odufuwa was standing outside, watching it burn, and requested to speak with a police officer. She told the officer she was “responsible for the fire,” according to an arrest-warrant affidavit.
The officer asked her if she started the fire intentionally, and she said “yes,” the affidavit said. When the officer asked why, the affidavit said she responded “I am God’s prophet, and I need an attorney, but I’m basically letting you all know that I am the cause of this fire.” . . .
Odufuwa was also accused of robbing a bank in Wylie on April 5, 2019.
Wylie police said Odufuwa entered the Bank of America in the 1300 block of West FM544 and displayed a note demanding an undisclosed amount of money. Customers were moved to a safe location, and responding officers found Odufuwa nearby as she tried to flee, police said at the time.
She was found incompetent to stand trial and underwent both in-patient and out-patient treatment. The case was eventually dismissed, court records show. It was not clear Monday why she was found incompetent.

“It was not clear”? Could it possibly be any clearer? This woman is deranged, demented, daffy, wacky, cracked, zany, berserk, off her rocker, a few fries short of a Happy Meal and cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.

Is there any money in the federal budget for building more lunatic asylums? Because it seems to me that we’ve got way too many of these kooks running around causing mayhem, when they obviously need to be locked up somewhere they can do the Haldol shuffle without disturbing the public with their madcap delusions and occasional violent outbursts. We’re shipping billions of dollars to Ukraine when we could be using that money to build mental institutions to protect our society from roaming psychotics: Crazy People Are Dangerous.



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