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The Symbolism of Philadelphia

Posted on | September 4, 2022 | 6 Comments

Joe Biden gave a speech last week in which he gave lip service to things that Democrats don’t actually believe in, e.g., the Constitution and the rule of law, as a pretext to accuse Republicans — all 74 million Americans who voted for Donald Trump — of being a “threat to our democracy.”

Biden spoke in front of Independence Hall in Philadelphia, a gesture by which he attempted to identify himself as defending the founding principles of America when, in fact, he and his party are against those principles and are doing everything in their power to destroy America.

Biden does not deceive us. It is Democrats, not Republicans, who spent the summer of 2020 tearing down statues of our nation’s Founding Fathers. It is Democrats, not Republicans, who have denounced the Electoral College as undemocratic, just as it is Democrats, not Republicans, who endanger Supreme Court justices whose rulings they don’t like. Everything good about America, Democrats seek to destroy, and everything bad in America (e.g., drug dealers, cop killers, perverts in public libraries and junkies defecating on city streets) Democrats defend.

The symbolism of choosing Philadelphia as the site of last week’s speech was perhaps more fitting than Biden realized, because Philadelphia is a city that Democrats have absolutely ruined. The per-capita murder rate in Philadelphia is higher than Chicago’s. Now notorious as “Killadelphia,” the city’s population has declined by about 400,000 people since 1960. In 1980, Philadelphia was still the fourth-largest city in the United States, behind only New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles; now it’s sixth, having fallen behind Houston and Phoenix. It’s no secret who is leaving: Whereas the population of Philadelphia was 57% white in 1980, the city is now just 34% white. Quality of life has plummeted.

Perhaps nothing is more demonstrative of Philadelphia’s decline, and the role Democrats have played in that decline, than the tenure of Larry Krasner as the city’s district attorney. In 2017, left-wing billionaire George Soros wrote a $1.45 million check to Krasner’s campaign. That helped Krasner beat six other candidates in the Democratic primary and, in a city where Hillary Clinton got 83% of the vote in 2016, winning the Democratic primary is tantamount to election. Krasner got 75% of the vote in November 2017, and he was reelected in 2021 with 69% of the vote. So you can’t say that the people of Philadelphia are innocent in what Krasner has done; they voted to destroy their city by turning criminals loose:

Krasner ran as the anti-police candidate, and has made it his official policy to turn dangerous criminals loose on the streets of Philadelphia. One of the beneficiaries of Krasner’s policies, Maurice Hill, had an extensive criminal record — drug charges, aggravated assault, perjury, fleeing and eluding, escape and weapons offenses — before he engaged in a shootout [in August 2019] in North Philadelphia that wounded six cops


Maurice Hill was certainly not the only dangerous criminal who benefited from Krasner’s turn-’em-loose policy. In one of the most infamous cases, Krasner turned loose a career criminal, Hassan Elliott, who then committed a murder and, when a SWAT team came to arrest him, shot to death a veteran policeman in March 2019. Joe Biden says Republican voters are a threat to democracy, but what about Hassan Elliott?

During his speech last week, Joe Biden didn’t say a word about the perpetrators of criminal violence in “Killadelphia,” nor did he mention how Democrats like Larry Krasner have enabled this bloodshed.

According to the Philadelphia Police Department, there have been 364 homicides in the city so far this year, as of Saturday, which is on pace to break the record 562 homicides the city recorded in 2021.

You didn’t hear a word about this in Joe Biden’s speech last week at Independence Hall for the simple reason that Joe Biden doesn’t care. All he cares about is electing more Democrats, and if the result of electing more Democrats is that hundreds of people get murdered because Democrats are turning loose dangerous criminals, so what?

Labor Day weekend shootings:
12 shot, 5 killed as gun violence
continues across Philadelphia

It’s been less than three days since Joe’s speech, and in that short span, five more corpses have been added to the pile in “Killadelphia.” This is a direct consequence of the policies of the Democratic Party, but according to Joe Biden, it is Republicans who are a “clear and present danger.”

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