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In The Mailbox: 09.08.22 (Evening Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

An obligatory meme

357 Magnum: Did They Expect Crime To Go Down?
EBL: Ukrainian Honey Traps , The Queen Is Dead, God Save The Queen, and Oberlin Starts Paying Gibson’s
Twitchy: Christopher Rufo Takes Garbage Person Uju Anya Apart, also, Jemele Hill Is Being Ignorant In Public Again
Louder With Crowder: ‘She has no idea what she’s talking about’, also, Paging Elon: Former Disney CEO says they passed on buying Twitter over ‘substantial’ number of fake accounts
Vox Popoli: Amazon’s Pants are on Fire, The Real Rebel Alliance, A Clown, Dancing, and The Queen of England, RIP
Stoic Observations: Union Labor

American Conservative: The Blob’s Perpetual War
American Greatness: Mayor Bowser Declares Public Emergency to Deal With the 9,400 Migrants Bused to D.C. ‘Sanctuary City’ Since April, also, Biden, Harris Not Welcome on the Campaign Trail
American Power: The Honest Guide to College, also, Michael Shellenbarger
American Thinker: The Strange Case of Ghislaine Maxwell, also, Can the United States Stop the March to Self-Destruction?
Animal Magnetism: Vacation Totty IV
Babalu Blog: Jorge Ramos gives FL Democrat Lt. Gov. candidate ‘Karla Marx’ a pass on her affinity for Fidel Castro, Cuba’s dictatorship continues planting the ‘seeds’ of socialist revolution, and As blatant apartheid intensifies and sky-high prices get higher, Cuban hotels remain 85.6% empty
BattleSwarm: Then: Commercial Investors Are Sucking Up All American Housing! Now: They’re Losing Their Shirts!
Behind The Black: Ingenuity completes 31st flight, Russia confirms Luna-25 delayed till next year, and Today’s blacklisted American: Modern Hollywood now celebrates McCarthyism and blacklisting
Cafe Hayek: No Learning Loss Among Swedish School Children, American Law and Economics Review: Robert Cooter’s ‘The Strategic Constitution’, and Suppression of the Market Isn’t Market Failure
CDR Salamander: Diversity Thursday
Chicago Boyz: Another Texas Road Trip
Da Tech Guy: At Least the North Koreans Didn’t Have The Choices Californians Had, also, The level of demagoguery and disdain for our founding principles from the Biden regime has reached dangerous levels
Don Surber: Biden unravels Nixon’s best success, also, Democrat midterm plan
First Street Journal: Sometimes even The Los Angeles Times has to tell people the truth
Gates Of Vienna: Socialism is the Loser of History
The Geller Report: Lyin’ Biden Ordered the Illegal Mar-A-Lago Raid, also, The Queen Has Died
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, Don’t Know Much Biology, and Embrace the Power
Hollywood In Toto: Panic Over My Son Hunter Shows Left Won’t Cede Culture Without a Fight, also, Clerks III – Time to Close up Shop
The Lid: Biden’s Racist Tax Plan
Legal Insurrection: Fetterman Stalling, Commits to Only One Debate Weeks After Early Voting Starts, Oberlin College “has initiated payment in full of the $36.59 million judgment in the Gibson’s Bakery case”, California Residents Forced to Prepare for Rolling Blackouts as State Leadership Pushes ‘Green’ Initiatives, and DOJ Lawyer Calls Religious Liberty Organization a ‘Hate Group’
Nebraska Energy Observer: I have a problem 
Outkick: ESPN Will Change Monday Night Football Theme This Year For No Reason At All, Stephen A. Smith Makes Epic Blunder About Eagles On ‘First Take’, John Daly Throws Great First Pitch At Cards Game While Rockin’ Sandals, and WWE Superstar Mandy Rose Seen Wearing Nothing But Her Title Belts
Power Line: Return of the Ice Age, Democrats and the F-Bomb, and Art of the deal, Wimpy style
Shark Tank: Taddeo Claims DeSantis Puts Politics Before The American Dream
Shot In The Dark: Renters’ Remorse, also, As Luck Would Have It
STUMP: We Get Results! The Bogus Death Spike of NC and CT are Now Gone!
The Political Hat: Skinsuiting of Marriage, also, Required Wokeness in Academia: Required To Condemn The Constitution; Required Integration Of Racial Consciousness To Teach; Required Pledge To Social Justice
This Ain’t Hell: Not enough Lithium to meet targets – Mining CEO, Democrat official arrested in connection with investigative journalist’s stabbing death, and Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain, dead at 96
Transterrestrial Musings: The Space Cultural War, The “Reality-Based” Party, and Terrible News For The UK
Victory Girls: Mark Cuban to Elizabeth Warren: Screw You!, also, Meet The Newest Sideshow In the Biden Circus
Volokh Conspiracy: Extra Discovery Allowed in States’ Lawsuit Claiming Government “Colluded with and/or Coerced Social Media
Watts Up With That: Green Champion Switzerland: Jail Time If you Heat Your Home Above 19C / 66F, also, British Climate Divergence: Jacob Rees-Mogg Appointed Energy Minister, as Charles is Crowned King
Weasel Zippers: Occasional Cortex Cries: America Hates Women And I’ll Never Be President, Poll: Majority Of CNN, MSNBC Viewers Say “Disinformation” Causing Hispanics To Vote Republican, Poll: Voters Overwhelmingly Want Biden Impeached, and Peter Navarro Blames Trump’s Cabinet For Why He Lost In 2020
The Federalist: California Democrats Pass Colossal Big Labor Giveaway, To Fix Student Debt, We Must Destroy Its Source, Google Keeps Truth Social Banned From App Store Over Content Moderation While Facebook, Instagram Broadcast Shooting Spree, and Voters File Legal Complaint Accusing Wisconsin Election Commission Of Violating Federal Election Law
Mark Steyn: Lights Out in Europe, Stocking Up for the New Normal, and The Longest Reign and a Sudden End

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