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‘Fake News’ Media: Lying by Omission

Posted on | September 11, 2022 | Comments Off on ‘Fake News’ Media: Lying by Omission

A national disgrace:

The arrest of a Democratic public official in Las Vegas for allegedly murdering a journalist shocked the nation, but news networks went out of their way to bury his party affiliation.
Clark County Public Administrator Robert Telles was arrested on Wednesday in connection with the death of Las Vegas Review-Journal investigative reporter Jeff German, who was fatally stabbed in front of his home on [Sept. 3].
German’s reporting had exposed scandals that plagued Telles, including a hostile work environment and an extramarital affair with a staffer, which was followed by his re-election defeat during a Democratic primary held in June. . . .
While the liberal networks covered German’s horrific murder, they strangely omitted to tell viewers that Telles is a Democrat during Wednesday and Thursday’s coverage.While the liberal networks covered German’s horrific murder, they strangely omitted to tell viewers that Telles is a Democrat during Wednesday and Thursday’s coverage.
ABC’s “Good Morning America” introduced Telles as a “local politician” and later described him as a “Las Vegas county official.”
“CBS Mornings” co-host Tony Dokoupil teased about the “elected official” who was swept up in the murder investigation.
CBS News correspondent Mark Strassmann went on to describe Clark County’s public administrator as “a man named Robert Telles” and said police executed a search warrant “at the elected official’s home.” . . .
Similarly, NBC News correspondent Erin McLaughlin referred to Telles as simply a “local government official” who “lost a primary race in June” during an on-air report on “Today.” . . .
On MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” co-host Willie Geist reported on the “public official” and how police “arrested a man named Robert Telles.”

Try to imagine what the media would be saying if a Republican had murdered a journalist. Do you think the national media would blandly describe him as just a “local official” without any mention of his party affiliation? As bad as this is, however, it got even worse when the local sheriff — Joe Lombardo, a Republican who is running for governor of Nevada — held a press conference to discuss the arrest of Telles:

A Democrat politician in Nevada is accused of fatally stabbing an investigative journalist last week over a series of stories on official misconduct that likely sank the incumbent-turned-defendant’s summer bid for re-election. The local press, however, found a way to pin the blame on former President Donald Trump. . . .
“Sheriff, you said the murder of a journalist is especially troubling. Now is probably not the time to talk politics,” the unnamed female reporter began.
“So why are we talking politics?” Lombardo interrupted.
The reporter continued with her political question.
“Do you condemn former President Trump’s normalization of violence against journalists?” she asked.
“No, I think this [is] probably inappropriate to speculate on that or opine on that,” Lombardo said. “It needs to be stated and noted that it is troublesome because it is a journalist… When people take it upon themselves to create harm associated with that profession, I think it’s very important that we put all eyes on and address the case appropriately.”

By the way, the “unnamed female reporter” has been identified as Dana Gentry, who works for Nevada Current, a website that is part of States Newsroom, funded by a “liberal dark-money group.” (Hint, hint.)



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