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In The Mailbox: 09.15.22

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

357 Magnum: Western Civilization Was Nice While It Lasted
EBL: Biden The Tank(ing) Administration, Govenor DeSantis Sends Illegal Aliens To Martha’s Vineyard, and Biden Family Values
Twitchy: Unbelieving Whore Calls Governor Hypocrite For Claiming Christian Values, also, Sanctuary City Resident Whines About Arrival Of Fifty Illegals
Louder With Crowder: Badass Chick-fil-A employee saves mother and baby as he chokes out their carjacker, Florida sheriff busts more sexual predators, including another Disney employee, and Catholic schools’ enrollment surges as kids flee public schools
Vox Popoli: The Original Mary Sue, BIC Digs Deeper, Retards Demand Respect, and How Did This Happen?

American Conservative: NEW: Americans Opposed to Boots on the Ground in Ukraine, Poll Finds, Counterculture Warriors, and The Royal Accession
American Greatness: Ron DeSantis Sends Two Plane Loads of Illegal Aliens to Martha’s Vineyard, also, Greg Abbott Sends Two Buses Filled With Illegal Immigrants to Kamala Harris’ Naval Observatory Residence in DC
American Thinker: Who was Behind the January 6 Events?
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Hunter’s Illegal Gun News
Babalu Blog: Communist Cuba has slowest internet in Latin America and the Caribbean, WASP Network: 24th anniversary of the largest ever Cuban spy ring discovered in the U.S., and Cuban doctor whistleblower reports death of an infant caused by medical negligence
BattleSwarm: Peter Zeihan on the Ramifications of Russian Imperial Decline
Behind The Black: Update on SpaceX’s Starship and Superheavy, Rocket Lab successfully launches commercial radar satellite, and Pushback: Fraternities break free from USC’s draconian supervision
Cafe Hayek: Antitrust Ain’t Groovy, also, The Myopia of Antitrust
CDR Salamander: Diversity Thursday
Chicago Boyz: Captain Kirk on Risk
Da Tech Guy: Under the Fedora: Dangerous Pillow Makers, Trusted Russians Manufacturers, Less Lucky Russians, Metal Detectors and Don Bolduc, Immigrant Group Apparently Believes Massachusetts is a Shithole Compared to Florida, and If the Republican Party could stop being the stupid party that would be great
Don Surber: 9 states Republicans can flip, also, NYT: Drill, baby, drill
First Street Journal: Bidenflation
Gates Of Vienna: Giorgia Meloni: “Christian Values Have Molded Our Civilization”, Eyeballing It, and Terra Australis Incognita
The Geller Report: KARMA: Don Lemon loses prime-time role in latest CNN shake-up, also, Biden Moves To Open Up Public Benefits to 5+ Million Illegal Immigrants
Hogewash: Martha’s Vineyard and Illegal Immigrants, Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, Hunter’s Finances, and Pushing Back Against Illegal Search and Seizure
Hollywood In Toto: See How They Run (Barely) Keeps Murder Mysteries Alive, also, Biden’s America: Violence Crashes Hollywood’s Gates
The Lid: The Counter-Revolution That Changed The World
Legal Insurrection: Biden Bows to Pressure from Rail Unions to Avert Potentially Catastrophic Strike, Republican J.D. Vance Now Leading Democrat Tim Ryan in Ohio U.S. Senate Race, Rep. Hank Johnson Likens Parents Protesting Woke School Board Meetings to Capitol Hill Rioters, and Sweden’s Socialist Prime Minister Resigns, Paves Way For Sweden Democrats-Led Right-Wing Coalition
Nebraska Energy Observer: Please, dear God 
Outkick: BYU Replaces Flaky Dawn Staley’s Gamecocks To Tip Off WBB Season, Lakers Owner Jeanie Buss Gives Absolutely Pathetic Answer About The NBA And China, Greg Norman: LIV Golf Has ‘No Interest’ In A Truce With PGA Tour, and Trey Lance Gets Over Week 1 Loss By Making It Rain On Strippers
Power Line: Tom Friedman Says . . . Drill, Baby, Drill?, Migrants In the Vineyard, and The GOP Learning How to Fight (Updated)
Shark Tank: Florida Nationally Recognized For Economic, Educational Achievements
Shot In The Dark: Urban Progressive Privilege – Their Own Dog Food, Deflection, and Messaging 
The Political Hat: Quick Takes – Euthanasia in Canada: Killing The Disabled; Death To Veterans; Death To The Deaf
This Ain’t Hell: And you thought Iron Man and Starship Troopers were just movies
Victory Girls: Politico Tries To Blame Ken Starr For Trump
Volokh Conspiracy: Is Silicon Valley Spying on Conservatives for the FBI?
Watts Up With That: Global Decarbonization: Negative Agricultural Impacts
Weasel Zippers: Judge Finds Delaware’s Mail-In Voting Unconstitutional, Treasury Dept Auditing IRS After It’s Discovered Nearly 1500 Agents Failed To Pay Their Own Tax Debts, A Children’s Hospital Performing Gender Change Surgeries On Kids Got A Bomb Threat – Turned Out To Be A Hoax, and BREAKING: Labor Union Says There Is A Tentative Deal To Avert Rail Strike
The Federalist: NBC News Tries To Censor Viral Videos Highlighting John Fetterman’s Slurred Speech, Left-Wingers Melt Down Over Diversity Brought To Martha’s Vineyard, L.A. Schools Push Childhood Obesity In Bizarre Video Promoting Donuts As Healthy, and Delaware’s Mail-In Voting Ruling Is A Victory For The Rule Of Law
Mark Steyn: Cannon Fodder for the Elites

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