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Media Shocked: Stacey Abrams Is Unpopular With Black Men

Posted on | September 23, 2022 | Comments Off on Media Shocked: Stacey Abrams Is Unpopular With Black Men

Of course, by “unpopular” they mean she only gets 75% — Democrats normally get more than 90% of the black vote, but the gap-toothed water buffalo is struggling significantly below that level:

In 2018, Abrams came within 55,000 votes of defeating Republican Brian Kemp thanks to a surge of votes from Black Georgians. She energized voters of color who often skipped midterms with a liberal platform and a history-making appeal to become the first Black governor in state history.
In 2022, however, the Democrat is struggling to solidify her support with African American voters she must mobilize to win the rematch.
A recent Atlanta Journal-Constitution poll underscored her difficulties, showing she has 79% of support from Black voters. While that might appear to be a lofty number, Democrats typically poll at least 10 percentage points higher with Black voters. Among Black men, Abrams’ support dips to 75%, with an additional one-fifth backing Kemp and 6% undecided.
It’s no anomaly. Other recent polls have indicated Abrams has lagging support among voters of color, and Kemp is notching double-digit backing from Black Georgians in a string of surveys released this week.

By the way, in calling Abrams a “gap-toothed water buffalo,” I deliberately repeat one of my favorite tales of liberal campus hysteria: In 1993, at the University of Pennsylvania, a group of pledges from the black Delta Sigma Theta sorority were doing some sort of noisy initiation ritual outside a dormitory when a student named Eden Jacobowitz allegedly shouted at them: “Shut up, you water buffalo! If you’re looking for a party, there’s a zoo a mile from here,” It was immediately declared that “water buffalo” was a racial slur but, in defense of Jacobowitz, it was pointed out that (a) he was from Israel and (b) the Hebrew word for water buffalo is behema, used as slang for “a loud, rowdy person.”

Which is, of course, what I had in mind. Also, she’s fat.

Whether this has anything to do with Abrams’ relatively low level of support among black men, I don’t know. But what mystifies me is that this poll shows that 24% of white voters in Georgia support Abrams. Who are these people? How do they justify supporting this behema?

Eden Jacobowitz could not be reached for comment.



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