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A Death in ‘Killadelphia’

Posted on | September 24, 2022 | Comments Off on A Death in ‘Killadelphia’

Everett Beauregard, 23, was just walking down North 35th Street in Philadelphia when he was shot to death by a stranger:

Philadelphia police are searching for a suspect who fatally shot Everett Beauregard, a recent Temple University graduate, on a sidewalk in West Philadelphia at 12:30 a.m. Thursday.
The shooting occurred as Beauregard was walking home from a SEPTA station after a night out with friends. The suspect approached Beauregard from the opposite direction on the 400 block of North 35th Street and fired several shots, police said. One of them struck the Beauregard in the neck, severing his spinal cord.
By the time officers arrived, the gunman was gone and no weapons were found at the scene. Beauregard was taken to Penn Presbyterian Medical Center, where he died.
On Friday, police released surveillance video that shows the suspect in the moments leading up to the shooting. The gunman is seen passing Beauregard before turning around and firing at him. He then is seen fleeing north on 35th Street. Four shots were fired, including one as the man left the scene with Beauregard already on the ground.
“Not a word was spoken between the two prior to the offender shooting Mr. Beauregard in the back,” Philadelphia Police Captain Jason Smith said.
Beauregard, 23, a Chester County native, had graduated from Temple in June and had been working as an operations processor for Wells Fargo in Philadelphia, according to his LinkedIn page. He attended Great Valley High School and had volunteered in local and national politics in recent years, including time spent as an intern for Democratic U.S. Rep. Brendan Boyle and state Rep. Kristine Howard.
Surveillance footage first shows the gunman in the area near the shooting at 11:20 p.m. Wednesday, investigators said. He was seen walking around with his right hand in the pocket of his hooded sweatshirt, apparently armed and “looking for trouble,” Smith said.
Police called the shooting an “unprovoked murder,” adding there were no signs of an attempted robbery or an argument.


This happened near the campus of Drexel University. There have been 393 homicides in Philadelphia so far this year, but Dana Pico at First Street Journal notes the “white privilege” in this case: Philadelphia media seldom name the murder victims in the city, the vast majority of whom are black. But let a white college graduate get shot and — oh, boy! — that’s big news. Guarantee you that if they catch this perp, he’ll have a lengthy criminal record, having been turned loose by Philadelphia’s Soros-backed DA Larry Krasner. Because “social justice.”



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