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In The Mailbox: 10.28.22 (Afternoon Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

357 Magnum: NYPD Cops Quitting & Retiring At Record Pace
EBL: Democrats Panic After Oz Fetterman Debate
Twitchy: Igor Volsky Suggests GOP’s Ads Featuring Pelosi Caused Attack On Her Husband, also, Blue-Check Defending Former Twitter Chief Censor Gets Rekt
Louder With Crowder: Watch this ‘day in the life’ vlog of a Twitter employee and you won’t feel bad Elon is firing 75% of them
Vox Popoli: The Self-Immolation of Jordan Peterson, also, The Rehabilitation of Ben Shapiro

American Conservative: Washington Should Halt Military Welfare for Europe
American Greatness: Pennsylvania GOP Prepares to Impeach Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner, Noncitizen Voting Is a Real Threat to Democracy, and The Switcheroos of the Two Parties
American Thinker: Onward Christian Cowards, The Democrat-Media Complex’s ‘Save our Democracy’ Farce, and Why Gender Confusion is Increasing and What Can Be Done
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Sore Loser News
Babalu Blog: Reports from Cuba: Turiguano sells 132 cuts of meat to hotels, not to Cubans, Video of the Day: Inside a Cuban hospital, and Cuba’s sock puppet president calls protesters ‘lazy’ and ‘manipulated’
Behind The Black: Boeing’s write-off due to Starliner delays goes up to nearly $900 million, Russian government okays ISS partnership through ’27, and Increasing push back against NYU’s firing of a chemistry teacher for demanding excellence from students
Cafe Hayek: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: “The science of economics”
CDR Salamander: Where is the Accountability?
Da Tech Guy: Doctor Who New Old Doctor That’s Weird and Likely Won’t Work, also, A political horror story – what Massachusetts would be like if Maura Healey wins the governorship
Don Surber: Democrats write off the House, also, DC media learns the wave is coming
First Street Journal: Number 39 for Lexington, also, I guess the Inky needs help before Christmas!
Gates Of Vienna: Eye Update, and the Confederate Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery, Culturecide, and Marine Le Pen: “You Owe to the French People the Protection of the Law”
The Geller Report: DEAL DONE! Elon Musk Owns Twitter! CEO, CFO, Head of Legal, Policy, Safety Have Been Fired
Hogewash: Thermodynamics Wins, Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, and A Civic Duty
Hollywood In Toto: Andrew Klavan: God Is Dead (in the Culture), Does Visiting Hours Deserve Its ‘Nasty’ Reputation?, and Banshees of Inisherin Offers Divine Comic Tragedy
The Lid: Heating Oil Getting Scarce And Prices Spike In N.Y. And Northeast
Legal Insurrection: Tex, Board of Education Races Draw Unusual Interest Over Opposition to CRT, Elon Musk Assures Twitter Advertisers it Won’t ‘Become a Free-For-All Hellscape’, Lucianne Goldberg, a Key Player in Clinton’s Impeachment, Dies at Age 87, and NBC’s Dasha Burns on Fetterman’s Debate: ‘It was Very Similar to the Conversation That We Had’
Nebraska Energy Observer: I can’t
Outkick: Tennessee DB Jaylen McCollough Cleared To Play After New Evidence Sheds Light On Alleged Assault Incident: EXCLUSIVE, H.S. Football Coach That Took Pro-Prayer Case To Supreme Court Finally Receives Return Date, Giants Lineman That Nearly Had His Leg Amputated Set To Return Against Seahawks, Shaq Bets Charles Barkley $10,000 He Can’t Spell ‘Spectacular’ Live On Air, Chaos Ensues, and Aaron Boone Would Be Fired If Mariano Rivera Owned The Yankees
Power Line: The Paranormal, Kirby Puckett, and Me, FACT CHECK: Fetterman’s speech, and Today’s Election Tidings
Shark Tank: Rick Scott Calls For Mayorkas’ Resignation
Shot In The Dark: This Is Today’s DFL
The Political Hat: To Kill More Patients: Belgian Courts To Doctors; Vermont Doctors Over Zoom; Killing Who ISIS Failed To Kill
This Ain’t Hell: Marine aviator arrested in Aus for allegedly training Chinese mil pilots, Sexually explicit books found in DOD middle and high school libraries, and NY Judge rules against vax mandate, NYC refuses to comply
Transterrestrial Musings: “On The Cusp Of A Revolution”
Victory Girls: Trump Gives DeSantis Cold Shoulder in Florida
Volokh Conspiracy: The Independent State Judiciary Doctrine
Watts Up With That: Wind Farm in Germany is Being Dismantled to Expand Coal Mine, also, America’s Energy Crisis is Mostly US Democrats’ Fault
Weasel Zippers: Al Sharpton Rips Democrats For Ignoring Voters’ Concerns With Crime, Biden Job Approval Back Down To 40%, Wisconsin Democrat Mandela Barnes Calls Police An Occupying Force, and Fetterman Says He’s Always Supported Fracking After Confronted Over Calling Fracking A “Stain”
The Federalist: Republicans, Don’t Be Fooled By Fraudulent Left-Wing Polls, Michigan Can Never Require Voter ID Again If Democrats Pass Prop 2 In November, New Dem Conspiracy Theory Just Dropped, The Media Gaslighting Continues To Midterms, and Evan McMullin’s Faux ‘Independent’ Campaign Is Bankrolled By Democrats
Mark Steyn: Media Darling, also, When Money Is Free

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