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Democrats: ‘It’s Different When We Do It!’

Posted on | January 13, 2023 | Comments Off on Democrats: ‘It’s Different When We Do It!’

Let us recall that the first we learned about issues with Donald Trump having presidential documents at his Florida estate was when the Justice Department sent dozens of FBI agents to raid Mar-a-Lago — three months before Election Day, just coincidentally. It was not until after the election — another coincidence! — that Merrick Garland announced that the persecution investigation of Trump would be handed over to a special counsel (and appointed notorious anti-Republican fanatic Jack Smith).

Guess what also happened before the election? Biden’s personal attorneys “discovered” 10 classified documents from the Obama era in the D.C. offices that Biden used at his think tank after his term as vice president. This “discovery” was made on Nov. 2, but didn’t make the news until two months later, after Republicans had taken over the majority in the House of Representatives, thus obtaining subpoena power for their own investigations. Gosh, how these coincidences pile up!

Readers may share my suspicion that none of this was actually coincidental. Because we are paranoid right-wing conspiracy theorists — at least, that’s what we are, according to CNN, the New York Times and other enforcers of the Official Democrat-Approved Media Narrative — we might guess that what actually happened was:

1. DOJ seized upon complaints from a staffer at the National Archives about access to documents as a pretext to raid Trump and gin up a phony story that freaking NUCLEAR SECRETS were just sitting around in boxes at Mar-a-Lago;
2. This raid was calculated to help Democrats in the midterms by reminding Democrat voters about the existential menace of ORANGE MAN BAD;
3. Someone on Biden’s staff, realizing that their boss might be vulnerable to similar charges of mishandling classified material, suggested to his attorneys that they check to see if the doddering idiot had accidentally left any documents lying around somewhere;
4. Thus, his personal attorneys were checking Biden’s think-tank office — where vast troves of such documents were stacked up — and were willing to admit that at least 10 of them were classified;
5. The timeline is unclear of exactly when Biden’s attorneys informed officials of their “discovery” (not really a discovery, because of course Biden knew he had kept these classified documents, even if his senility meant he couldn’t say exactly where), but it’s pretty obvious that nobody at DOJ was in a hurry to investigate this;
6. Republicans in Congress must have suspected something like this — it’s just common sense to figure Joe would have kept some classified material from his eight years as VP — and were quietly preparing their own investigation;

and so

7. The White House orchestrates a leak to their media buddies about this “discovery” so they can manage the message prior to having Garland make the special counsel announcement;

which means

8. If called to testify before a congressional committee, any officials with knowledge of this will refuse to answer questions saying that they can’t comment on a case that’s currently under investigation.

See how it works? Standard operating procedure. And everybody in the media repeats the same talking points about how what Biden did was completely different than what Trump did, because ORANGE MAN BAD!

I’m not paranoid. Just extremely cynical.



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