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In The Mailbox: 02.02.23

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Thirty-seven years ago, the Army promoted me to Staff Sergeant and my daughter was born. Happy birthday, kiddo, wherever you are.
Silicon Valley delenda est.

USS Montana, from the Azur Lane predecessor Kantai Collection.

357 Magnum: Concealed Carry In Chicago
EBL: Russia plans big offensive in Donbas and here we go again, Ilhan Omar (D-Mogadishu) gets the boot from the House Foreign Affairs Committee, and Your Honor Prison Rodeo Poker
Twitchy: WaPo’s Matt Viser Claims Hunter’s Laptop “Doesn’t Have Much” Implicating Joe, The Best Occasional Cortex Preaching Memes, and Christopher Rufo Takes A Look At FSU’s “Matrix Of Oppression”
Louder With Crowder: AOC melts down over Ilhan Omar’s removal from Foreign Affairs committee, also, ‘Fentanyl is colorblind’
Vox Popoli: Ben Shapiro Backtracks, Surrender Means Success, and The War on Chickens

Adam Piggott: Comments update
American Conservative: The Shadow Of One Dark Wing, also, Media’s Russiagate Self-Mutilation
American Greatness: Dems Spit Fire as House Votes to Boot Rep. Ilhan Omar Off Foreign Affairs Committee
American Thinker: White Supremacy, Racism and Malevolent Incitement
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Imperial Spending News
Babalu Blog: Castro dictatorship thugs sneaking in to the U.S. disguised as Cuban refugees, The Cuban butcher shop, and Russian ‘economic experts’ propose total digitalization of money, banking, & trade within Cuba
BattleSwarm: Power Out Here
Behind The Black: SpaceX successfully launches 53 Starlink satellites, ROK officially cancels Russian launch contract, signs Vega-C instead, ISRO completes investigation into failure of its SSLV rocket on first launch, and Today’s blacklisted Americans: Catholic students kicked out of Air & Space museum for wearing pro-life hats
CDR Salamander: Diversity Thursday
Da Tech Guy: Let’s Revisit the Tom Brady Expectations game with Tampa Bay now that his Three Years are up, also, Sorry Facebook Fact Checkers – The Great Reset is not a conspiracy theory
Dana Loesch: Hunter Biden Is A Gross Sex Predator & The Left Is Okay With That
Don Surber: DeSantis Beats The Devil
First Street Journal: In which Leonard Downie says the quiet part out loud
Gates Of Vienna: Knife Jihad at the Schuman Metro Station, also, The Mother of Satan Pays a Visit to Brussels
The Geller Report: Jihadi Jew-Hater Ilhan Omar Gets The Boot Off Foreign Affairs Committee, ‘People want honest coverage!’, and Islamic Nazi Caucus SHRIEKS & CRIES, In Congress When Jew-Hater Ilhan Omar Gets Booted Off Foreign Affairs Committee
Hogewash: What’s Up for February, 2023, Nothing to See Here. Move Along, Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, and Correction to the Correction to the Correction
Hollywood In Toto: 80 for Brady Is a Cinematic Fair Catch, also, FLASHBACK – Hunter Biden Tells Kimmel Laptop is ‘Red Herring’
The Lid: Daniel Pearl Was Brutally Murdered 21 Years Ago But The Key Lesson Wasn’t Learned
Legal Insurrection: Hulu Series Based on 1619 Project Pushes ‘False History’, Chip Roy Confronts Maxine Waters With Her Own Words on Socialism, Leftists Lose Their Minds After DeSantis Declares War on Wokeness in Higher Ed, Florida has More People in the Workforce Than New York, and Pentagon Monitoring Suspected Chinese Spy Balloon Over Northern States for the Past Several Days
Nebraska Energy Observer: What do
Outkick: CBS Isn’t Happy With Tony Romo, Met With Analyst To Address Decline In Quality, Arrest Warrant Issued To Cincinnati Bengals RB Joe Mixon For Pointing Gun At A Woman, Jake Paul Calls Out Bomani Jones Projecting His Many Failures, Phil Mickelson Says LIV Golf Would Dominate PGA Tour In Team Event, Drags Twitter Bald Guy, Punks Tiger On His Way Out, and OutKick Founder Clay Travis Gets Into A Vicious Street Battle With Blue Checkmarks Who Hate Freedom, Biological Female Instagram Models & Fun
Power Line: Battle of the Bulge Biden style, Hunter Biden – More Depraved Than You Knew, and Fascism and Betrayal
Shark Tank: FL Republicans Continue To Overshadow Democrats With Massive Voter Registration Advantage
Shot In The Dark: A Boot On Your Neck Forever, Grandma Bea, and Schiffed
The Political Hat: Abusing Girls In The UK: Police Knowingly Neglect Victims; Hardcore Porn For Pre-Teen Homework; Challenging The Gender Narrative
This Ain’t Hell: A Modest Proposal, also, The U.S. secures additional access in the Philippines
Transterrestrial Musings: Hail Columbia, Biden’s Base, The New FBI Building, and CRT Pitch
Victory Girls: Meltdowns And Tantrums Ensue After Ilhan Omar Ousted
Volokh Conspiracy: Gag Order Bans Political Tweeter from Naming Man Who Accused American Conservative Union President of Groping
Watts Up With That: Those Attacks on Gas Stoves Aren’t Really about Health, also, Al Jazeera – We are “greening” ourselves to extinction
Weasel Zippers:  Biden Admin Announces New Crackdown On Gas Stoves, Hakeem Jeffries Complains – Condemning Socialist Dictators Would “Undermine” House Democrat Agenda, and Hispanic Democrats In Connecticut Introduce Bill To Ban Woke Term “Latinx”
The Federalist: The Media Keep Lying To Protect Ilhan Omar, Biden’s ‘Cooperation’ With The FBI Is Meaningless And Misleading, If New Mexico Democrats Get Their Way, Even Felons Will Be Voting By Mail, False Statistics Fly As California Democrats Push For Gun Control Laws That Failed Already, and 5 Riveting Films Snubbed By The Academy Awards
Mark Steyn: 15 Minutes to Communism

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