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In The Mailbox: 02.14.23

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

357 Magnum: Woke Hollywood & Mao’s Cultural Revolution
EBL: Michigan State Shooter Suspect Shoots Himself, also, Twitter Tweet Trainwreck
Twitchy: Soledad O’Brien Dragged For Lecturing Reporters That “Woke” Is A Racist Term, also, Ted Cruz Blisters Biden’s Nutjob Commie Appointee To FCC
Louder With Crowder:  Tom Green gets red-pilled, exposes what all this “UFO information” coming out now is distracting us from, also, Chelsea Handler Tries to Brag About Being a Childless Woman, But It’s Actually Incredibly Depressing
Vox Popoli: When Citizens Suddenly Aren’t Citizens, Chernohio, Turks Suspect US Geoweapon, Red China Calls Out Surveillance, and The Paper Americans
Bad Cattitude: Fundamental Humans Rights

Adam Piggott: It’s a Spiritual & a Physical War
American Conservative: Why Won’t the New York Times Say ‘Chiefs’?, State Department ‘Disinformation’?, and Church Of England Crack-Up
American Greatness: Kirby Doubles Down–Insists China’s Spy Balloons Operated During Trump Administration ‘But They Did Not Detect It’, Democrats Increasingly Voice Fears About Biden Cognitive Decline, and Two More Trains Derail in Texas and South Carolina on Monday
American Thinker: Our Little Barbarians, Balloongate – China’s Long Game, and Since When did Ukrainians Become Entitled to the State they Got?
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Shooting Irons News
Babalu Blog: Cuban dictatorship declares bankruptcy, suspends payments to all providers in tourism industry, A wave of layoffs shakes up state-owned companies in Sancti Spiritus, and AMLO awarding a medal to Cuba’s sock puppet president was bad, but what he said was worse
BattleSwarm: Gun Owners of America Join Forces With Ken Paxton To Sue ATF Over Gun Brace Regulation
Behind The Black: Red China aiming to complete 80 launches in 2023, SpaceX abandons plan to convert floating oil platforms into Starship/Superheavy landing spots, Canadian rocket startup dies because of opposition to noise produced by its engine tests, and Today’s blacklisted Americans: Religious pro-lifers prevented from viewing Bill of Rights because National Archives forbids free speech
Cafe Hayek: In Defense of Steven Koonin, Hygiene Socialism Isn’t “Authoritarian Capitalism”, and Woke Spoofs Itself
CDR Salamander: We Have a Lot of Things to Relearn
Chicago Boyz: A Surprisingly Good Article About Electricity in the MSM
Da Tech Guy: Godwin’s Law needs a revision or a successor, Too Many People Know a Guy, Don’t know much about history, and Another Soon to Be Local Story out of Michigan State or Chris Rock Nods
Dana Loesch: #OhioChernobyl Is Trending – Where Is Secretary Mayor New Mom Poot?
First Street Journal: The credentialed media really, really, really hate being held to account, also, Some of the environmentalists seem to want us to return to nineteenth century living
Gates Of Vienna: Toxic Disaster in East Palestine, Annalena is Beyond Criticism, The Heart of the Matter, and Timeline of Events in East Palestine
The Geller Report: George Soros Buys Up Tesla Stock, Boosting His Stake By 270%, also, MEDIA BLACKOUT: There Were OVER A THOUSAND Train Derailments in 2022
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, Valentine Flowers, and JUICE
Hollywood In Toto:  Roseanne Barr: Cancel This! Embraces MAGA Nation, Joe Rogan Says Ex-CNN Star Brian Stelter Is ‘Basically a Prostitute’, and Ant Man and the Wasp: Quantumania – Large(r) and In Charge
The Lid: Perjurer Clapper Claims He Didn’t Say Hunter’s Laptop Was Russian Disinformation
Legal Insurrection: Study Launched to Investigate if White Paint is Racist, Nicaragua Regime Sentences Catholic Bishop Rolando Álvarez to 26 Years for Treason, Pro-Life Group Blamed for an Alleged ‘Anti-Gay Hate Crime’ by Black Harvard Democrat, Missouri’s AG Now Probing Whistleblower Claims about Transgender Clinic, and Dianne Feinstein Will Not Run for Reelection in 2024
Nebraska Energy Observer: My tin foil hat
Outkick: MLB’s New Bases Look Like ‘Pizza Box’, Will Lead To Increase In Steals, Says Thievery Expert Alex Cora, Belgian Goalie Arne Espeel, 25, Dies Shortly After Saving Penalty, Super Bowl’s Terrible Grass Situation Blamed On Everything From Paint To Rihanna, Former Eagles DB Chris Maragos Awarded $43.5 Million In Injury Lawsuit, and Bomani Jones Fails To Chart Again, Loses To Midnight Cornhole Re-Air
Power Line: The Daily Chart: About Those Russia Sanctions, Nikki Haley? Meh, and Clapper’s claptrap
Protein Wisdom Reborn: There’s Nothing To Be Gained From Arguing With Anarcho-Communists
Shark Tank: FL Senate Democrats Push Gun Carry Class
Shot In The Dark: Into A Void Of Their Own Creation, also, Clearly They Need One Of Those “In This House” Signs
STUMP: Taxing Tuesday: Be My Valentine, SALT Cap
This Ain’t Hell: Balloony war of words continues, Remote control of U.S. Air Force drone wingmen, and Frankie Cee is a long time contributor
Transterrestrial Musings: The Latest Starship Mystery
Victory Girls: Progressive DA Dismissed Michigan State Shooter’s Felony Gun Charge
Volokh Conspiracy: My New Seven-Monitor Office Workstation, also, FTC Chair’s Activism Prompts a Commissioner to Resign
Watts Up With That: Minnesota Democrats Vote to Freeze in the Dark by 2040, EVs Are Failing To Break Into Mass Market, and Bill Gates: “How will we solve the digital misinformation which is a factor in polarisation? We’ll have to take AI into consideration”
Weasel Zippers: Nikki Haley Announces Presidential Bid, Biden Spews Pure Gibberish, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg Botches Another Crisis, Ignores Ohio Train Derailment, and DeSantis Announces Plan To End “Woke Banking” In Florida
The Federalist: The U.S. Left Has Become So Authoritarian, Even This North Korean Refugee Is Concerned, Conservative News Sites Aren’t ‘Risky,’ A ‘Disinformation Index’ To Censor Speech Is, James Clapper Can’t Stop Lying, Zuckbucks 2.0 Recipients Turn Down Money After Leftist Nonprofit Fails Transparency Test, and After Ranked-Choice Voting Rigged Their Elections, Alaska Conservatives Fight To Reclaim Democracy
Mark Steyn: Fugue for Tinhorns, The Good Guys are the Bad Guys, and The World They’re Building

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