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Good News From California

Posted on | February 27, 2023 | 1 Comment

Kristopher Julian Baca Jr.

Say hello to 17-year-old Kristopher Baca and, while you’re at it, go ahead and say good-bye, because this juvenile dirtbag is no longer depleting the earth’s supply of oxygen. You’ve never heard his name before, but you may remember a case that made national headlines last year:

A Los Angeles mom mowed down with her baby by a hit-and-run teen driver who was given just five months in a youth camp has lashed out at soft-on-crime District Attorney George Gascón during an early-release hearing — as she also revealed she is hightailing it out of the state due to fear.
“Nobody in the room actually believes that (the suspect) is a good kid,” the furious woman, identified as Rachel, said in a call into an LA County courtroom in Lancaster, Fox News reported.
“Look at what he did. Nobody changes who they are to the core in four months,” she complained.
The 16-year-old driver was ordered in June to participate in a diversionary program at a juvenile probation camp over the August 2021 incident involving a stolen car.
Shocking surveillance video showed the teen plowing directly into Rachel as she pushed her 8-month-old son in his stroller down a Venice street the morning of Aug. 6.

That juvenile car thief was Kristopher Baca. He was already on probation at the time for trying to drug a girl’s drink, “roofie,” as they call it. And yet, after an offense that was clearly attempted murder, Gascon’s office treated Baca as if he were guilty of nothing more than a traffic offense, and he walked out free after just a few months in what was basically summer camp. Oh, but karma is always the proverbial bitch:

A Los Angeles-area teenager who ran over a mother walking her child in a stroller in Venice in 2021 and received just a few months of diversionary camp as punishment was gunned down in Palmdale [Jan. 19], according to FOX News.
Kristopher Baca, 17, of Palmdale was found fatally shot on Wednesday on a driveway in the 38600 block of 11th Street East, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.
FOX 11 had not previously identified Baca in connection with the Venice hit-and-run due to his age. He pleaded guilty in the hit-and-run case last year.
The Los Angeles County Coroner-Medical Examiner’s office confirmed Baca’s death Friday but said the examination was still pending. At this time, there is no indication that his death is connected to the hit-and-run case, and no suspect description was available.
Sources close to the investigation told FOX News that he had been at a fast food restaurant earlier trying to “get with a girl.”
“As he walked home alone, a car pulled up next to him and an argument broke out. Someone in the vehicle opened fire, then sped off,”
FOX News reported.

This is a sort of moral lesson that should be taught to children, the Parable of the Teenage Dirtbag, so that they learn what happens to young people who go astray. Even if they happen to be living in a car-thief’s paradise like L.A. where the District Attorney is objectively pro-crime, sooner of later that Big Wheel o’ Karma in the Sky is gonna turn, and the worthless punk will find himself bleeding out in somebody’s driveway.

Not since Jack Ruby shot Lee Harvey Oswald has a murder victim’s death been less lamentable. Everybody in America is happy that Kristopher Baca got gunned down, a nearly ideal outcome. (I say “nearly ideal” because, without naming names, there are some people in California who deserve to die more than Baca did, IYKWIMAITYD.)




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