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In The Mailbox: 03.07.23

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

357 Magnum: “Soft Judges F***Up The Lives Of Multiple People”
EBL: Tummy Tuck Complications in Mexico, Tucker Calson releases 1/6 Videos or Why Sunlight Is The Best Disinfectant, and Tár
Twitchy: Meathead Has Thoughts On Release Of J6 Video, Trans Activist Now A “Proud Criminal” For Shipping “Lifesaving Drugs” Across State Lines, and NBC – Gigi Sohn Withdraws From FCC Nomination Amid “Outright Homophobic” Campaign
Louder With Crowder: Shaq has Deion Sanders back, says Coach Prime was ‘spitting facts’ about kids who come from 2-parent homes, Tucker Carlson blasts insurrection “propaganda” of January 6 committee with damning new footage, and Crowder announces MugClub’s new home…powered by Rumble
Vox Popoli: Indian Programmers Can’t Program, They Loved Mammon More, The Abomination of Animation, Know Your E-Whores, and Capital Controls Come to America

Adam Piggott: The Ulcerative Colitis post
American Conservative: SPLC Connection To Alleged ‘Domestic Terrorism’, also, A Growing Tide of Election Transparency Wins
American Greatness: Chuck U. Schumer Calls on Fox News to Stop Tucker Carlson From Airing Any More Jan. 6 Footage, Los Angeles Jury Awards $1.5M to Prosecutor in Retaliation Lawsuit Against George Gascon, McCarthy’s Legislative Priorities Force Democrats into Tough Votes, and January 6th Footage Confirms ‘QAnon Shaman’ Jacob Chansley was Peaceful the Entire Time
American Thinker: If Trump Had Prevailed in 2020, also, Thank You for Asking, Mr. President
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily State Lines News
Babalu Blog: Surprise! Cuba ranks among the worst ‘closed autocracies’ on planet earth, Reports from Cuba: Havana’s Infanta Street, where all the miseries of Cuba come together, Republican senators join Democrats in effort to lift sanctions on Cuba’s oppressive dictatorship, and Four members of Cuba’s national karate team defect in Mexico
BattleSwarm: Texas A&M’s DEI – Ditching or Faking?, also, Honest Trailers Slams Velma
Behind The Black: Flat-topped mesas in the icy northern lowland plains of Mars, ROK commits $38 million to support space startups, UK awards $1.9 million in development grants to universities and private companies, Fuel spill cleanup begins at Space Force telescope facility in Maui, Hawaii, and America’s blacklist culture: Republican in Florida proposes bill to regulate speech
Cafe Hayek: Statement of Commitment to Academic Freedom and to Intellectual Merit, also, More On American Workers’ Opportunity Costs, On Wages, and On the Harms of Protectionism
CDR Salamander: Keeping an Eye on the Long Game: Part XCVII
Da Tech Guy: Definitions Under the Fedora, The mauling of malls, My 28th Amendment to Give DC Representation, and Brandon Johnson, the elected official who still collects big checks from the Chicago Teachers Union, will be a disaster as Chicago’s mayor
Dana Loesch: Biden Promises To Raise Taxes While Sending Millions To Ukraine
Don Surber: The Left Boycotts Hershey Too
First Street Journal: The Philadelphia Inquirer: using grammar to avoid telling the whole truth
Gates Of Vienna: Old And In The Way, “Germany is Now Communist”, Panzerlied (Green Woke Version), Annalena’s Private Halal Army, and Culture-Enriching Rapist Walks Free in Osnabrück
The Geller Report: New, Never Seen J6 Footage Shows January 6th Committee and Ray Epps LIED
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, A Jellyfish Galaxy, and Space Invaders
Hollywood In Toto: PEN America Honors Newly Woke Tina Fey, Ignores Her Comedy Betrayal, Jon Stewart Meets the Divisive Country He Helped Create, and Marlon Wayans: ‘No Apologies’ in Comedy
The Lid: Is Schumer’s Senate Speech About Tucker’s 1/6 Videos A First Amendment Violation?
Legal Insurrection: “What did that person do wrong other than be born with the wrong skin color?”, Study Finds Liberal Girls Are More Depressed, Lindsey Graham Wants to Use Military Against Mexican Drug Cartels, and Prof Claims Her Maximum-Security Prisoners are Better Students Than Today’s Undergrads
Nebraska Energy Observer: Never the twain shall meet, also, Reminiscere
Outkick: LeBron James Praises His Son Bronny While Hypocritically Ripping NBA Players For Slacking, Ohio State Fans Already Panicked On First Day Of Spring Ball As Star WR Marvin Harrison Jr. Returns Punts, Russell Westbrook Looks Like A Total Loser While Getting Kings Fans Kicked Out Of Arena, Ja Morant Gun Incident Reportedly Came After Grizzlies Held A Players-Only Meeting About Showing Better Discipline On The Road, and Charles Barkley Drops The Hammer On ESPN, Kendrick Perkins’ Race-Over-Everything Hot Takes
Power Line: Kamala Satire, Tucker Carlson’s Expose Blew a Rather Large Hole in Dems ‘Deadly Insurrection’ Story, and Assume Nothing
Shark Tank: DeSantis Doesn’t Support Blogger Registration Bill, also, Penguin Publishing Pushes The GayBCs For Kids In Response To Florida Anti-Grooming Law
Shot In The Dark: Other Than That Mrs. Lincoln, also, You Were Warned
The Political Hat: Health Equity And The Creep Of Wokeness
This Ain’t Hell: Army returning to “Be All You Can Be”, Former Army Soldier sentenced to 45 years for planning the killing of fellow service members, Gregory Charles Banks – Valor Vulture, and Russians blow up own plane, kill one
Transterrestrial Musings: Continued Good Riddance, Congratulations To Treacher, A New Stevie Nicks?, and Biden’s Latest Incompetent Appointment
Victory Girls: Fetterman Photos Are Proof Of Exploitation
Volokh Conspiracy: Appellate Court Vacates Order Aimed at Stopping Child from Calling Stepfather “Dad”
Watts Up With That: ExxonMobil Cans Algae (greenwash failure), Setting Senator Whitehouse Straight On Climate And Wildfires, and We’re Saved! Biden’s Army Sec. Christine Wormuth declares climate resiliency ‘a priority for me & our US Army’
Weasel Zippers: “Look At The Man, Look What He’s Doing”, Antifa Thugs Try To Burn Down Police Facility, Gavin Newsom Calls California The “Real Freedom State”, Walgreens Says It Won’t Distribute Abortion Pill In 20 States, and House Investigators Say AOC Broke Ethics Rules With “Tax The Rich” Met Gala Dress
The Federalist: Senate Republicans Cave To Dem Propaganda About J6 Tapes, New Mexico Sued For Charging $5,000 To Access Public Voter Data, Searching For Tucker Carlson’s Bombshell J6 Videos? YouTube Censors Will Direct You To Fake Fact Checks Instead, Leftists Don’t Mind NYC Mayor Eric Adams’ Religious Talk Because He Puts Politics First, and Whistleblower: FBI Targeted Innocent Rally-Goers Just For Being In D.C. On Jan. 6 
Mark Steyn: The Hangout – and a Hanging, also, Rules for Thee, Not for Me

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