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Idiot Democrat From Houston Doesn’t Have the Faintest Clue Who Bari Weiss Is

Posted on | March 11, 2023 | 1 Comment

How is it that you get yourself elected to Congress and appointed to an important committee, but can’t be bothered to familiarize yourself with the subject matter of a major hearing? If the voters of the 29th District of Texas have any capacity for reflection — notice the word “if” in that phrase — they should be wondering what the hell Rep. Sylvia Garcia was doing last week instead of preparing for the Judiciary subcommittee hearing in which Matt Taibbi and Michael Shellenberger testified about their “Twitter files” reporting. Look at that screen shot: Do you see Garcia scrutinizing her notes, which were probably prepared for her by some 26-year-old staffer? Garcia is 72 years old, and perhaps she doesn’t spend much time on Twitter. She’s a busy woman, and doesn’t have time to follow every little spat on social media. We can understand that.

What is less understandable is that Garcia doesn’t know who Bari Weiss is. This became obvious when Garcia was questioning Shellenberger — an environmental journalist who has recently gotten fed up with his “progressive” comrades — about how he got involved with Twitter:

“In… in your discussion — in your answer, you also said that you were invited by a friend, Bari Weiss?” Garcia asked, already sounding confused, as if she had no idea what she was even questioning the witnesses about.
“My friend, Bari Weiss,” Shellenberger repeated for clarity.
“So this friend works for Twitter? Or, what is, what is her, ummm—”
“She’s a journalist,” Taibbi explained, much to the irritation of Garcia, who probably should have known who Bari Weiss was before participating in the hearing.
“Sir, I didn’t ask you a question,” Garcia snapped. “I’m now asking Mr. Shellenberger a question.”
At this point, Taibbi and Shellenberger both start to laugh. I suspect they were more than just a little amused at Garcia’s cluelessness regarding the subject matter she was questioning them about.
“Yes, ma’am, Bari Weiss is a journalist,” Shellenberger interjected.
“I’m sorry, sir,”
“She’s a journalist,” Shellenberger repeated.
“She’s a journalist, so you work in concert with her?”
It was a rather dumb question, but Shellenberger eventually, after pondering it for a few seconds, responded in the affirmative.
“Do you know when she first, uhhh, was contacted by Mr. Musk?” Garcia asked.
“I don’t know.”
“You don’t know,” she echoed. “So you’re in this as a threesome?”

Bari Weiss is certainly not an obscure figure, but maybe Garcia can’t figure out how to use Google to find a Wikipedia page.

Like her Democratic colleagues on the subcommittee, Garcia seemed to be trying to promote a narrative that there must be some kind of sinister conspiracy behind the production of the “Twitter files” stories, so that by questioning how Taibbi and Shellenberger became involved, she was “exposing” something relevant. In fact, of course, this was just a diversion, a way of trying to deflect and distract attention from the content of what Taibbi and Shellenberger have reported about how government agencies pressured Twitter to censor and suppress information on the platform. Trump Derangement Syndrome has destroyed whatever modicum of good sense Democrats ever had.

Ed Driscoll quotes Taibbi talking about how Brooklyn Rep. Dan Goldman — viewed as a “rising star” in his party — spent part of his allotted time in the committee trying to claim that mere accusations of “Russian interference” made by former special counsel Robert Mueller are tantamount to proof of such interference:

The irony is that what Goldman was doing, confusing accusations with proof — as Thomas Jefferson said, the phenomenon of people whose “suspicions may be evidence” — was the entire reason for the hearing. Michael and I were trying to describe a system that wants to bypass proof and proceed to punishment, a radical idea that this new breed of Democrat embraces. I think they justify this using the Sam Harris argument, that in pursuit of suppressing Trump, anything is justified. But by removing or disrespecting the rights to which Americans are accustomed, you make opposition movements like Trump’s, you don’t stop them.

Which is to say, “If you want more Trump, this is how you get more Trump.” This danger seems to be invisible to Democrats, as Taibbi suggests. How is it that we can see it, but they can’t? The former FBI director filed indictments against 12 named members of Russian military intelligence, asserting that they “engaged in a sustained effort to hack into the computer networks of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the Democratic National Committee, and the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton, and released that information on the internet under the names ‘DCLeaks’ and ‘Guccifer 2.0’ and through another entity.” Maybe this actually happened, but (a) the indictment does not prove that it happened, besides which (b) any prosecutor can proverbially “indict a ham sandwich,” and also rather conveniently (c) there has not been, nor is there ever likely to be, an actual arrest and trial in such a case, because (d) Russia is never in a million years going to turn over their intelligence agents to U.S. law enforcement.

But don’t bother citing facts or arguing logic to Democrats. They have their beliefs — “Russian collusion” is as important to their belief system as the resurrection of Jesus is to Christianity — and any effort to dissuade them of this political theology is a waste of time and energy.




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