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Chicago Votes for More Crime

Posted on | April 5, 2023 | 3 Comments

Some of us hoped, when Chicago voted Mayor Frogface out of office in the Democratic primary, that the city had finally come to its senses. But the runoff election proves Chicago is irredeemably lost:

The residents of the Windy City were offered a choice between someone who wanted to rebuild the Chicago PD and bring down the crime rates and someone who was on the record saying he wanted to defund the police. By the slimmest of margins, a bare majority of voters decided to stick with the carjacking epidemic because it’s been working out so well thus far, I suppose. “Progressive” candidate Brandon Johnson bested pro-cop Paul Vallas with a 51.4 to 48.6 margin. . . .
Chicago is well known for the “Magnificent Mile,” a formerly prosperous and productive retail district filled with high-end shops and fine dining establishments. Now it looks like a war zone. For the past year or more, it’s been the site of robberies, assaults, smash-and-grab heists, and even murders. Business owners have been fleeing the area. . . .
So how did this happen? As we discussed in the final weeks of the runoff, it really came down to a question of race. Vallas is white and Johnson is Black. Alderwoman Jeanette Taylor was making the rounds of every political rally in the city and preaching about the need to hold together “our Black and brown coalition.” And it looks like she managed that feat, if only by a slender margin.

It’s actually worse that Jazz Shaw realizes. The explicitly anti-white rhetoric about a “Black and Brown coalition” for Johnson ensured that the electorate was racially polarized, and Johnson got his highest percentage of the vote in majority-black wards where crime is the worst. Some of these wards have less than 1% white population.

Here, based on the NY Times ward-by-ward results and the City of Chicago’s official ward map, are the voting-age proportions of black and white in the wards where Johnson got the most votes:

Ward 24 … Johnson 84% …. Black 77% …. White 4%
Ward 21 … Johnson 82% …. Black 95% …. White 1%
Ward 20 … Johnson 81% …. Black 73% …. White 5%
Ward 17 … Johnson 81% …. Black 86% …. White 1%
Ward 16 … Johnson 81% …. Black 69% …. White 2%
Ward 6 ….. Johnson 81% …. Black 95% …. White 1%

The representation of 1% white voting-age population in wards 21, 17 and 6 results from rounding up fractions. The population of Chicago is 29% black, 33% white and 28% Hispanic, but the anti-white political climate in the city now means that only black candidates can be elected mayor, because black voters will never vote for a white or Hispanic candidate, and the appeal of a “Black and Brown coalition” will always persuade a certain percentage of Hispanic voters to vote for the black candidate. And this is happening, by the way, despite the fact that Chicago’s black population has declined while the Hispanic population has increased.

After the most recent census, there was a protracted fight in the city council over the Chicago ward map, which resulted in racial gerrymandering:

The map created 16 wards with a majority of Black voters and one ward with a plurality of Black voters. The map has 14 wards with a majority of Latino voters, rather than the 15 wards that the City Council’s Latino Caucus had demanded. . . .
Representatives of the Latino Policy Forum, a Chicago advocacy group, said they were “extremely disappointed that for the second consecutive decade Latinos have been shortchanged in their representation.”

Nobody in Chicago cares if whites are “shortchanged in their representation”; indeed, that is a fundamental goal of the “progressives” who control Chicago. There are 50 wards in Chicago, of which 60% are specifically carved up to ensure black or Hispanic majorities. And what this means, in terms of policy, is that Chicago seeks to avoid jailing criminals, who are turned loose to re-offend over and over again. When Jazz Shaw refers to the city’s “carjacking epidemic,” it’s no exaggeration. As recently as 2014, Chicago had barely 300 carjackings a year. Last year, there were more than 1,600 carjackings in Chicago, to go along with 737 murders and 2,937 people wounded from gunfire.

From Brandon Johnson’s victory speech:

Because tonight is a gateway to a new future for our city. A city where you can thrive regardless of who you love or how much money you have in your bank account. A city that’s truly safer for everyone by investing in what actually works to prevent crime. And that means youth employment, mental health centers, ensuring that law enforcement has the resources to solve and prevent crime.

Ri-iiiight. Not a word in there about putting criminals behind bars, because Brandon Johnson is against putting criminals behind bars.

By electing Johnson, Chicago has voted for more crime, committed by repeat offenders who know they won’t be prosecuted and sent to prison by Chicago’s “Black and Brown coalition” government.




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