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In The Mailbox: 06.22.23

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

The Big Based Book Sale!

Silicon Valley delenda est.

A message from the WEF and HRC

357 Magnum: Keeping Criminals In Jail Is Unfair – Canadian Edition
EBL: House of Representatives Censures Rep. Adam Schiff, also, Titanic Sub Suffered Catastrophic Failure – All are lost
Twitchy: IRS Says Hunter Deducted Hooker Payments From Taxes, Jamie Raskin Calls Party of Lincoln “Party of Luna & Her Luna Followers” , and “Deadnaming” To Become Harassment & A Civil Rights Violation?
Louder With Crowder: Mark Zuckerberg accepts(?) Elon Musk’s challenge to a cage match and this Big Tech Brawl needs to happen
Vox Popoli: So Much for the Wunderwaffen, Those Pesky Mathematics, and Taking the N Out
Stoic Observations: Regression To The Digital Mean

Adam Piggott: Did Jesus Jerk Off?
American Conservative: Russia’s Crawling Neighbor
American Greatness: Durham – FBI Ignored Hillary Clinton Plot to Tie Trump to Russia, America Wakes Up to Woke, and The U.S. Transitions from Superpower to Migrant Colony
American Power: Debris From OceansGate Search Confirmed as Coming From External Body of ‘Titan’ Sub
American Thinker: Understand the Biden Plea Deal for What It Is: Evidence, also, Grab Your Wallets – The Reparations Game Is Rigged
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Parrots News
Babalu Blog: As Cubans starve, their fake president and his wife dine at exclusive super-expensive Roman restaurant, Cuban dictatorship signs deal with Italian online merchant to sell Cubans food and medicine in dollars and euros only, and Three imprisoned Cuban women write letters signed in their own blood to Pope Francis pleading for liberation of all political prisoners
BattleSwarm: Louis Rossmann Dings Amazon For Canceling Customer’s Account Over False “Racist Doorbell.” Result: Amazon Cancels Rossmann’s Affiliate Account
Behind The Black: SpaceX launches another 47 Starlink satellites into orbit, ULA launches Delta-4 Heavy rocket on next-to-last flight, Intelsat and SES end negotiations to merge, Update on SpaceX’s work leading to next Starship/Superheavy test launch, and Why is this rare? School board members react in horror when hearing the porn they allow in schools
CDR Salamander: Diversity Thursday
Chicago Boyz: “…the final theme present…throughout the armed forces today is KAFCA, pronounced Kafca (since this is a military book…
Da Tech Guy: The Celtics Trade Away The Thing They Need Most, also, Progressives are trying to replace Independence Day with Juneteenth
Don Surber: Biden Is Funding The Grooming
First Street Journal: The pot calling the kettle black: Jenice Armstrong tells us that cable news networks are biased
The Geller Report: United States House Votes to Censure Liar Adam Schiff For Misleading The Public, Lunatic Dems Break Out in Chaos, Cheering The Traitor, Media, City Leaders SILENT About Children Found at Trans party With Drugs, Sex Toys, Dead Man in South Boston Apartment: ‘Sickening’, and Newly Discovered Email: CDC Director Rochelle Walensky KNEW Covid Vaccine Didn’t Work But Still Mandated the Shots
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, Sonification: Stephan’s Quintet, and Another Milestone
Hollywood In Toto: Maximum Truth Shreds Politics of Personal Destruction, also, Is Asteroid City a Sly Take on Pandemic Lockdowns?
The Lid: Elon Musk Challenges Mark Zuckerberg To A Cage Fight — And He Accepts
Legal Insurrection: “There is not a single substantive piece of information in the [Steele] dossier that has ever been corroborated”, Titanic Submersible Was Destroyed in ‘Catastrophic Implosion’ Killing 5 Aboard Instantly, Title IX Complaint: Wisconsin School Failed to Act After ‘Trans Female’ Student Exposed Himself to Female Students in Locker Room Shower, Disney’s Diversity Chief Steps Down as Company Struggles With String of Failures, and Trump Obsessed Psychiatrist Bandy Lee Loses Another Lawsuit Against Yale
Nebraska Energy Observer: A definite cooling
Outkick: NC State Swimmer Kylee Alons Says She Changed In A Storage Closet To Avoid Being Exposed To Lia Thomas At NCAA Championships, Elon Musk Challenges Mark Zuckerberg To Cage Fight, No, The Yankees Aren’t Going To Put Names On The Back Of Their Jerseys Despite Recent Backlash, Wyndham Clark Says Fans Chanting For Fowler And McIlroy ‘Pissed’ Him Off At U.S. Open, Motivated Him To Victory, and NHL Teams Will Not Wear Pride Night Uniforms In Warm-Ups Next Season, And It’s All The Woke Mob’s Fault
Power Line: His name is Hunter Biden, Is the cover-up unraveling?, and A Painter passing through, Senate edition
Shark Tank: DeSantis Sues Biden Over State’s Education Reforms
Shot In The Dark: A Thousand Points Of Laser Focus, also, Master Debaters
This Ain’t Hell: Look at New Zealand’s gun confiscation by a Canadian, Music festival gunman identified as U.S. Soldier, and OceanGate safety concerns raised years before Titanic sub incident
Transterrestrial Musings: A Question For The Climate Crazies, Henry Petroski, and Lab-Grown Chicken
Victory Girls: Elie Mystal Would Love to See Justice Alito ‘Disappear’
Volokh Conspiracy: “Moms for Liberty” Member’s Suit Against School Board for Reporting Critic to Justice Dep’t Can Proceed
Watts Up With That: Biden EPA Appointee Under Ethics Scrutiny (for the least of his transgressions), also, Peak Climate? Global Warming will Make Dogs Hate Humans
The Federalist: Defense Secretary Austin Needs To Obey Orders And End The Military Vaccine Mandate, Whistleblower: FBI Tipped Off ‘People Very Close’ To Joe And Hunter Before IRS Investigative Team’s ‘Day Of Action’, Time Is Running Out For Congress And States To Defuse Biden’s Election-Takeover Bomb, FBI Knew Hunter Biden’s Laptop Was Authentic A Year Before Pressuring Big Tech To Censor It, A Closer Look At Black Lives Matter’s ‘Bankruptcy’ Shows Radical Leftists Still Have Millions In Their Coffers, and Revisiting The Racialist Nonsense Espoused By Biden’s Pick For Joint Chiefs Of Staff Chair
Mark Steyn: Hide Your Kids

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