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Ironic Crime Update: Did a Gay Pedophile Basically Issue His Own Death Warrant?

Posted on | October 12, 2023 | Comments Off on Ironic Crime Update: Did a Gay Pedophile Basically Issue His Own Death Warrant?

Josh Kruger (left); Robert Davis (right)

When I wrote last week about Josh Kruger, the “left-wing Philadelphia journalist who mocked concern over rising crime in Democrat-run cities,” and was shot to death in his home, there was no public information available about who the suspect was or what the motive might have been. It just seemed kind of ironic, and I figured it was probably some kind of robbery.

Kruger, a formerly homeless drug addict, “was proudly queer and openly HIV-positive” and “worked for the City of Philadelphia for about five years, overseeing the mayor’s social media platforms and policy campaigns, and acting as communications director and spokesperson for the city’s Office of Homeless Services.” That Kruger could have been the victim of a random street crime seemed entirely probable, given the prevalence of street crime in “Killadelphia,” a city more violent than Chicago. But that wasn’t what it was.

Several days after Philly police said they had identified a “person of interest” in the case, they finally named the suspect as Robert Edmond Davis, 19, and a police spokesman said, “At this time we believe that Mr. Kruger was trying to help Mr. Davis, and they were acquaintances. . . He was just trying to help him just get through life.” Because that’s what “proudly queer” men do, right?


The family of Robert Davis, 19, who is accused of killing local journalist Josh Kruger, said that Davis was just 15 when he and Kruger began a years-long relationship involving drugs — and that Davis told them Kruger was threatening to post sexually explicit videos of him online before, police say, Davis shot Kruger.
Those assertions by Davis’ mother and older brother in recent interviews with The Inquirer add troubling new complexities to a killing that has garnered national attention. Their account, they said, is drawn from recent conversations with Davis, and from the years of watching his life unravel as he tried to keep the relationship and his drug addiction hidden. . . .

(“Troubling new complexities” — yeah, this is gonna make it kind of hard for the Philadelphia Inquirer to continue portraying Kruger as some kind of “proudly queer” hero.)

The family’s contentions come as detectives separately discovered and are investigating what multiple law enforcement sources have called explicit photos and messages in Kruger’s phone. The sources, who requested anonymity to discuss an ongoing investigation, did not say whether the images or messages were connected to Davis, but said they were “disturbing” and have been turned over to the department’s Special Victims Unit for further analysis. . . .

(Oh, “disturbing” images and messages on his phone? Calling in the police Special Victims Unit? Do you need me to spell this out for you?)

Damica Davis and her older son Jaylin Reason said in an interview that Davis faced mental health issues from a young age. He struggled to control his anger in school, his mother said, partially because of the absence of his biological father in his life, and often got into fights. When he was about 15, she said, his troubles intensified after he started sneaking out in the middle of the night and coming home high on drugs.
They said Davis told them he was seeing an “older white woman” he met online who “worked for the government.”
They frequently saw the name “Josh” pop up in messages on his phone, they said, and when they asked who Josh was, Davis told them it was the woman’s brother, who was gay.
It was only later, in their call with him Friday, they said, that Davis told them he had been seeing Kruger all along.

As Dana Pico points out, sex with a 15-year-old would be a felony, and let me be clear that I am not saying Josh Kruger deserved to be shot to death by his alleged victim. I’m just saying it’s ironic.

BTW, police still haven’t caught Robert Davis, who remains at large and is considered “armed and dangerous.” But of course it’s Philadelphia, and basically everybody in Philadelphia is dangerous.



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