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In The Mailbox: 10.23.23

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

I thought this posted last night but evidently I missed something.
Silicon Valley delenda est.

h/t Tom Kratman on X

357 Magnum: Neighbors Were Shocked
EBL: I lost interest in Speaker after Jim Jordan–who just pulled up in the GOP clown car? Slotherhouse, and Eiffel
Twitchy: Community Notes – “Hamas Has Never Been Popular With Palestinians”, CNN Guest Argues That What Israel Is Trying To Do Is Ethnic Cleansing, and We’re Assured That “Jihad” Means A Lot Of Different Things
Louder With Crowder: Byron Donalds announces he’s running for Speaker of the House and Occasional Cortex is PISSED, Hamas Caucus member Ilhan Omar lashes out at reporter, refuses to say Israel has a right to defend itself, and Alyssa Milano (of course) leads Hollywood in an open letter to Joe Biden demanding an Israel ceasefire
Vox Popoli: ComicsGate is Comics Now, The Global South is Lost, Setup for a Showdown, Even Clownocrats Resist, and The ADL Fights the Real Enemy
Draw & Talk: Mainstream Creator Blocks Indie Creator For Doing Math

Adam Piggott: If you accept Vatican II then you must accept Vatican III
American Conservative: It Is Time for Sullivan to Go
American Greatness: The George Floyd, Jr. Narrative Unraveled, The Sickness of Our Universities—and the Cure, and Conservatives in Congress Take Aim at Cyber Agency CISA over Abuse Allegations
American Thinker: Hamas Massacres – The New Face of Gun Control, Biden’s Decades Of National Security Failures And Military Endangerment, and Open Sources Demolish the Legacy Media
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye, Blue Monday
Babalu Blog: As buildings in Cuba continue to collapse, Castro regime announces new luxury hotel, More oil arrives in Cuba, but refinery is closed and gas stations lack fuel, Where were you in 1962? and Rabid supporter of Cuban dictatorship might be next Speaker of the House
BattleSwarm: Israel-Hamas: Why This Time is Different, Russia: “We Are Withdrawing From The Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.” U.S.: “OK.” BOOM!, and Texas Constitutional Amendment Voting Started Today (With Recommendations)
Behind The Black: Gaganyaan aborted test flight flies successfully after short delay, The reshuffling of Blue Origin’s management continues, First Bennu asteroid samples recovered from OSIRIS-REx return capsule, Space Perspective unveils restroom for its high altitude tourist balloon, and “Formerly clandestine Nazis will continue protesting, sometimes violently”
Cafe Hayek: The Awestruck and the Awws
CDR Salamander: The Next Godzilla Movie Will Be LIT!
Da Tech Guy: Don’t want to hear your whining, Pro-Terror Folks Pull Down Posters of Kidnapped Kids, London Police Say: “Hold My Beer” Apparently Reality is to Blame, and I Can’t Do Better Than Noa Tishby on This
Don Surber: The Nazis are winning
First Street Journal: When they show you who they are, believe them! Trudy Rubin wants Israel to lose in Gaza, and Is Pope Francis trying to destroy the Church?
Gates Of Vienna: The European Parliament — What is it Good For? Absolutely Nothing! Taking it Out on the Kids, In Cold Blood, The Gaza War — No Worries, and Éric Zemmour: “Islam is a Totalitarian Religion”
The Geller Report: Ex-Obama NLRB Counsel, 80 Professors Sign Petition Saying Hamas Atrocities are Legit ‘Military Operation’, Detroit Synagogue President Samantha Woll Brutally Stabbed To Death Outside of Her Home, BROOKLYN: Thousands of Muslim protesters demanding annihilation of Israel attack NYPD, and DISASTROUS Biden Regime Tells Israel to Delay its Ground Operation in Gaza
Glenn Reynolds: Higher education – a toxic industry?
Hogewash: Simulation: A Disk Galaxy Forms, Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, Hera Preparing To Follow Up On DART, and Orwell Redux
Hollywood In Toto: Halloween H20: 20 Years Later Should Have Ended Franchise for Good, Shroud Doc & Book Bring Science and Faith Together, Jon Stewart: Put Up or Shut Up, and Writers Guild Can’t Reach Consensus on Condemning Terror
The Lid: Kennedy Throws Race To Trump Over Biden In Harvard-Harris Poll
Legal Insurrection: Ringleader of Black Chicagoans Who Tortured Disabled White Boy After Trump’s Election Released From Prison, Terror-Supporting Students for Justice in Palestine at U. Arizona Canceled Rally Over Hurt Feelings From School President Statement, SF Police Powerless as Homeless Convicted Pedophile Camps Across From K-8 School With ‘Free Drugs’ Signs, Associated Press Reporters Can Only Describe Hamas Terrorists as Militants, ‘Fighters, Attackers, or Combatants’, Leftist Campus Embrace Of Hamas Barbarism: “We’re in the ‘suddenly’ phase” of Higher Ed collapse, Shaun King Takes Credit for Hamas Hostages Release, Their Family Says ‘Shaun Who?’ and Oregon Students No Longer Have to Prove Mastery of Reading, Writing, or Math to Graduate
Nebraska Energy Observer: Saturday – just for you, Twentieth Sunday after Trinity, and The View from Monday
Outkick: Derek Jeter Called ‘Wet Blanket’ For Refusing To Wear Cowboy Hat On Fox MLB Playoffs Set, Maserati Marv Nickname, Coined By Gus Johnson For Ohio State WR, Gets Social Media All Revved Up, Will LSU Fans – ‘As Vulgar As They Come’ – Clean Up Their Act For Army Game? Bryce Harper Steals Home, Gets Into Huge Collision At The Plate, Emmanuel Acho Ridiculously Suggests Caleb Williams Should Sit Out Rest Of Season, and Taylor Swift Fans Are Rightfully Concerned She’s Too Close To Scumbag Jackson Mahomes
Power Line: Another Nail In the Global Warming Coffin, Pro-Genocide Rally In Brooklyn [Updated], Don’t Wait, Israel, and How Dumb Is CNN?
Shark Tank: Rick Scott Demands Israel Funding Separation From Ukraine Funding
Shot In The Dark: One Day At The MNDFL Communications Office, also, An Idea Almost Too Crazy To Comprehend
The Political Hat: Let’s Talk About Decolonization
This Ain’t Hell: Saturday is for Army, Essential skills testing suspended in Oregon for equity purposes, Book banning, or prohibiting children from mature content? Gutless Wonders, US Ambassador to UN Drafts Sternly Worded Letter, and Defense system considered for Guam to be leased to Israel
Transterrestrial Musings: Greta Thunberg
Victory Girls: Israeli Children Were Not Detained, They Were Kidnapped, The West Has Failed Its Moral Test Over Nazism, and Occasional Cortex – Israel Committed War Crimes, Not Hamas
Volokh Conspiracy: Updated: No “Space, Consideration, or Support” for Zionism at Wellesley, Demand Student Resident Advisors, also, Understanding Pro-Hamas Sentiment on the Far Left
Watts Up With That: Sacramento Bee Won’t Attribute Mild Wildfire Season to Climate Change, Falsely Claims the Inverse, Arctic sea ice: the canary in the coal mine, Navigator CO2 Ventures cancels carbon-capture pipeline project in US Midwest, and The Concerned Household Electricity Consumers Council Has Petitioned the Supreme Court for Certiorari
The Federalist: University Students’ Support For Terrorism Isn’t Ideology, It’s Conditioning, Media Claims ‘Biden’s Economy Is Great Everywhere’, Sending U.S. Troops To Stop Israel From Defending Itself Has Historically Disastrous Consequences, Media Help Democrats Like Newsom Bash Judges But Lost Their Minds When Trump Did The Same, and Joe Biden’s $200K Check Shows He Profited From The Family Biz To The Detriment Of Innocent Creditors
Mark Steyn: Our Psycho: Hannibal Lecter and The Silence of the Lambs, Cinderella Rockefella, and Diversity Is Where Nations Go to Die

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