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In The Mailbox: 10.26.23 (Morning Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Just in time for Halloween!
Silicon Valley delenda est.

Shinto priest blesses first Japanese-produced F-35.

EBL: Richard Roundtree, RIP, also, Maybe Israel should deal with Hamas, Hezbollah, and Iran like this
Twitchy: Gov. Kim Reynolds Drops Truth Nuke On Reporters Whining About “Banned Books” In Iowa, MSNBC Reporter Losing Her Shit Over Speaker Johnson Will Make You Like Him Even More, and Matt Yglesias Gets Walloped For Defending Antisemitic Lefties
Louder With Crowder: Man who laughed at Jewish woman after ripping down her hostage posters gets suspended from job. By his dad. Who’s Jewish., Bud Light is so desperate to win back customers, they are giving the UFC $100 Million, and Cop swoops in to prevent woman from showing sexually explicit images the school board allows in children’s libraries
Vox Popoli: Convos with PSG, They Won’t Fight for Israel, The Ultimate RPG System, Mailvox: SSH in Finland, US SpecOps KIA in Gaza, and Conservatives Hardest Hit

American Conservative: Green New Dealers
American Greatness: Texas Attorney General Sues Biden Administration for Cutting Razor Wire at Southern Border
American Thinker: ‘Free Palestine’ Is the New ‘Sieg Heil’
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Hump Day News
Babalu Blog: Argentina heading to electoral game 7, AMLO vows continued support for Cuban dictatorship, and Cuba & Red China renew whorish vows of love
Baldilocks: Observing Crowd Formation
BattleSwarm: Underwater Attack Hits Russian Fleet At Sevastopol
Behind The Black: Perseverance looks ahead, beyond Jezero Crater, ULA sets Christmas Eve as launch date for first Vulcan rocket launch, A dance of three galaxies, SpaceX gets ESA contract to launch up to four of its Galileo GPS-type satellites, No Starship/Superheavy launch likely until January? and Axiom signs deal with the United Kingdom to fly all British mission
Cafe Hayek: No, The Antitrust Action Against Google Isn’t Justified
CDR Salamander: Do We Give Them The War They Want?
Da Tech Guy: I suggest a backward House Vote
Dana Loesch: Rep. Mike Johnson Elected Speaker of the House
Don Surber: 404 Journalism
First Street Journal: Crime is crime; why should we care about the motive?
Gates Of Vienna: Fiddling While Berlin Burns, also, Diversity Hire or Sharia Sleeper Cell?
The Geller Report:  Majority Aged 18-24 Say Hamas Atrocities of Israeli Civilians ‘Justified’, also, ‘Just as Cruel as the Terrorists’: Many Ordinary Palestinians Joined in Hamas’s Atrocities Against Israel
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, also, Thor’s Helmet
Hollywood In Toto: Little Bite Left in Pet Sematary: Bloodlines, also, Office Alums Jenna Fischer, Angela Kinsey: No News on a Reboot (Yet)
The Lid: Is Reason For Biden’s Net Neutrality Push-Hiding Failures In Green Policy?
Legal Insurrection: Netanyahu: ‘We are Preparing for a Ground Incursion’ Into Gaza to Destroy Hamas, Liberal Activist Groups Condemn Killing of Black Man Who Attacked Cop During Traffic Stop, Florida “Deactivates“ Students for Justice in Palestine Chapters Based on SJP “Support of Terrorism”, George Washington U. Students Project Anti-Semitic Messages on School Library Building, Teens Accused of Killing Retired CA Police Chief Taunt His Family in Court, and Playwright David Mamet Says Democrats ‘Betrayed the Jews’
Nebraska Energy Observer: St. Crispan/Crispians Day
Outkick: Brady Quinn Eviscerates Deshaun Watson’s No. 1 Fanboy With Gripping Comeback, Torey Lovullo Is Looking Forward To Making ‘Wise Guy’ Chris Russo Retire, Detroit Lions WR Marvin Jones Announces He’s Stepping Away From Football Due To ‘Personal Family Matters’, Snakes On A Plane…To Texas: Arizona Diamondbacks Shut Up Philadelphia To Reach World Series, Hugh Freeze Says He’d Never Throw Auburn Players Under The Bus Before Immediately Throwing Them Under The Bus, and Paige VanZant Channels Inner Barbie Teasing New Collab
Power Line: “Dad, Be Proud Of Me!”, Mugged By Reality, and Why Are Our Universities Anti-Semitic Cesspools?
Shark Tank: Cammack Pokes Fun At Jeffries’ “Dog Whistle” Speech To Congress
Shot In The Dark: Big Left’s Psyop
This Ain’t Hell: Wednesday Weirdness, Four More Accounted For, and Recent college graduate enters workforce, gets a rude awakening
Victory Girls: Meet Mike Johnson (R-LA) The Speaker Of The House
Volokh Conspiracy: The Moral and Strategic Case for Opening Doors to Gaza Refugees
Watts Up With That: The Wind is Always Blowing Somewhere Fallacy, Experts Addle Kids’ Minds Over “Climate Change”, and Review of Proposed Minimum Efficiency Standards for “Consumer Boilers”
The Federalist: Free-Market Conservatives Should Ignore Biden’s Antitrust Siren Song, 41 Attorneys General Sue Facebook, Instagram Creators For Targeting Children With Addictive Algorithms, Why ‘Domestic Terrorists’ Like Me Can’t Forget Public School Covid Tyranny, At The New York Times, Praising Hitler Is Fine But Running Republican Op-Eds Gets You The Boot, Democrats’ Campaign To Disbar John Eastman Is Designed To Criminalize Republican Election Challenges, and University Donors Pull Funds Over Anti-Israel Protests. Where Was The Outrage Over BLM?
Mark Steyn: “A completely rigged peer-review system”

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