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In The Mailbox: 10.27.23

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Usual weekend deadlines for the usual weekend posts.
Ceterum autem censeo Silicon Valley esse delendam.

EBL: Old Dads, That Beastie Boys Song Was Not Supposed To Be “No Jews In Brooklyn”, and Tsingtao Beer: Workers Pee In It 
Twitchy: Man Connected To The “Doxxing Truck” Gets SWATted, “This Isn’t An Airport” – Twitter Says Goodbye To David French , and “Just Like Nazi Germany!” Wait, What? The Left Loses Its Mind Over Arrests Of Left-Wing Jewish Protestors
Louder With Crowder: Heavy metal legend gives Israel his full support for using his 80s anthem as a rallying cry, “Pickle” The Drag Queen Kicked Out Of Story Time After Even Los Angeles Parents Have Had Enough, and “I’m dying to f*cking put you in a hospital”
Vox Popoli: Glowy McGlowerson, Service Outage, Clown World Backs Down, and Netanyahu Rolls the Dice
According To Hoyt: Barbarism, Trust, and Citizens of the World
Monster Hunter Nation: They’re Doing it for YOU
Jon Del Arroz: Are There Any Non-Gay Characters At DC Any More?
Stoic Observations: The American Palace

Adam Piggott: Australian Racial Politics
American Conservative: The Conservative Movement’s Long Way Home
American Greatness: Lawsuit Claims Biden’s DHS Is Withholding Information on Terror Suspects Caught Crossing the Border
American Thinker: Biden and Islamophobia
Animal Magnetism: Rule Five Irrational Fear Friday
Babalu Blog: Egg production in communist Cuba drops by 50%, Cuban military reveals a new medal, and Reports from Cuba: Diaz-Canel lies like a rug
Baldilocks: If You Want To Know What’s Happening Over There
BattleSwarm: HS2: UK’s £100 Billion Rail To Nowhere, also, LinkSwarm For October 27
Behind The Black: Russia’s Soyuz-2 rocket launches military satellite, No launch of Starship/Superheavy until February? Is a recently discovered near Earth asteroid a piece from the Moon? A new global map of the near-surface ice on Mars, and The son of one of the co-founders of Hamas tells it like it is
Cafe Hayek: Responding Further to Fallacies Spread by Oren Cass
CDR Salamander: Fullbore Friday
Chicago Boyz: Consequences
Da Tech Guy: Yael Bar tur: Analysis True
Don Surber: Of course Harvard supports terrorism
First Street Journal: World War III Watch: Slouching toward the big one?
Gates Of Vienna: The Winter of Our Discontent, The New Lebanon, Going, Going, Gone? Death to the Hell People! and The Devil Quotes Scripture
The Geller Report: “400 Body Parts”
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, also, Mergers and Acquisitions
Hollywood In Toto: Five Nights at Freddy’s Suffers Extreme Identity Crisis, Why Waikiki Is Unlike Any Cinematic Trip to Hawaii, and Reporters Run Cover for Disney’s Dwarf Backpedal
The Lid: Biden Crime Family: 5 News Stories He Hopes You Won’t Notice In A VERY Hectic News Week
Legal Insurrection:  As Investors Lose Interest, Sustainability Funds Don’t Appear to be….Sustainable, “What’s harsh, is dropping in on a music festival and slaughtering a bunch of young people just trying to enjoy an afternoon”, Billionaire Leon Cooperman Will No Longer Donate to Columbia U. Over Pro-Hamas Protests, Chicago Neighborhood Residents Explode Over Planned Migrant Camp, U.S. Strikes Two Syria Facilities Linked to Iran After Attacks on American Troops, and IDF Expanding Ground Operations Into Gaza
Nebraska Energy Observer: Scattershot Friday
Outkick: Chelsea Gray Says ‘Dumbass’ To Clay Travis, Who Responds With $1 Million WNBA Vs. Boys High School Challenge, NBA Looks For New TV Rights Deal As Viewership Tanks, Security Wouldn’t Allow James Harden To Board 76ers Team Plane, It Sure Sounds Like Jason Kelce Is Gearing Up For Retirement, Nick Saban Calls For In-Helmet Communication Amid Michigan Sign-Stealing Scandal, Juan Soto Trade Rumors Intensify – Former Padres Manager Reportedly Wanted Him Gone Last Season, and Riley Gaines Seems Less Welcome At Harvard Than Anti-Israel Contingent
Power Line: Green Dreams Going Up In Smoke, Jamal Bowman – Liar, The Amy Klobuchar experience, and Thoughts from the ammo line
Shark Tank: Mast Questions Legitimacy Of State Dept. Disinformation Task Force
Shot In The Dark: A Picture, also, Mitch’s Journalism School 101
This Ain’t Hell: Aren’t they good little Nazis? Valor Friday, America will not be spared if war in Gaza continues, US Announces Hamas Sanctions and Humanitarian Aid, Kennedy amendment protecting Veteran second amendment rights passes Senate, and American fighter jets strike Iran-linked sites in Syria
Transterrestrial Musings: A Blast From The Past
Victory Girls: The Fix Was In For Jamaal “Fire Alarm” Bowman’s Plea Deal
Volokh Conspiracy: Advocacy in Support of Hamas vs. Illegal Material Support of Hamas
Watts Up With That: German Employer Now Docking Wages Of Employees Who Eat Meat, Drive Autos! Forbes: Climate Policy Hurts the Poor More than Climate Change, and To Be Clear, Minnesota Public Radio, Allergies Are Manageable, Extended Growing Seasons Benefit Everyone
The Federalist: Big Tech Must Be Held Liable For The Screen Addictions Ruining Our Kids, Leftist Streamer Hasan Piker Justifies Hamas Baby Beheadings As Both Legal And Moral, IRS Leaker Who Stole Trump’s Tax Returns Gets ‘Slap On The Wrist’ From Biden DOJ, Media Squawk About Mike Johnson’s ‘Sexual Anarchy’ Predictions As They All Come True, 1,000 U.S. Soldiers In Niger Need To Come Home Right Now, and However Much You Hate The Media, These 7 Moments In Israel Coverage Prove It’s Not Enough
Mark Steyn: Live Around the Planet: Three Days to Trial

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