The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler


LAS VEGAS, Nevada * * The Debate Ends: Let the Spin Begin! * * 22:52 ET (Wombat-socho) Made horrible mistake trying to transcribe everything instead of just reacting. Here’s my takeaway: ROMNEY: The Teflon skin is in place and growing; his pimp hair and mojo were strong tonight as he deflected all attacks calmly, using […]

Greetings From Lost Wages

LAS VEGAS, Nevada Whose lucky number will be up in tonight’s debate on CNN? That’s the subject of my American Spectator column today: Even before landing, passengers in the window seats can see the neon lights of the casinos on the strip. As soon as you exit your plane and step into McCarran International Airport, […]

Savage Weirdness at Final Boarding: Did Team Perry Put the Blame on Rubio?

The National Affairs Desk, in the smoking lounge at Dulles International Airport, 1:10 p.m., Monday, Oct. 17, 2011 DULLES INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT Less than hour until final boarding for my flight to LAX en route to Vegas, and no time to waste on trivia now. While I was checking in the one-way rental car ($164), I […]

Fear and Loathing (and, Yes, Sweet Vengeance) On the Road to Feb. 1, 2012

 Today’s the day I fly off to Las Vegas to cover Tuesday’s crucial Republican presidential debate. It’s a long flight from Dulles to LAX, then a four-hour layover before I catch the plane to Vegas. I’ll be crashing in Barbara Espinosa‘s suite at the Sands, while Smitty and Wombat — both of them got their […]

462 Days Until Jan. 20, 2013

Inauguration Day, when four long years of endless misery known as the Obama presidency come to an end. And I’m counting the days. It’s 79 days until Jan. 3: The Iowa GOP caucuses. And it’s 107 days until the Jan. 31 Florida primary. To give you a sense of proportion, it’s been 72 days since […]

‘One of the Perks of Being a Guy’

Having been busy lately planning for our trip to Vegas for Tuesday’s big debate, I confess to having fallen behind in my job of keeping readers up-to-date on other important developments unrelated to the GOP presidential primary campaign. Thanks to James Tararanto of the Wall Street Journal, however, we have this Breaking News Update from the Vancouver Sun: “Being able […]

Vegas, Baby: Republican Armies March Toward Political Battle of the Century

From: NVDebate ([email protected]) To: [email protected]; Date: Wed, October 12, 2011 2:53:06 PM Subject: RE: CREDENTIALS REQUEST – NEVADA DEBATE Hi Robert, You have been issued credentials. Please note: The credential will grant journalists access to the press filing center and media spin room, which will be located in Hall G of the Sands Expo and […]

8,000,000: Fear and Loathing on Vegas Debate Media Credential Deadline Day

Later today we will record our 8 millionth visitor to the blog. We got our first 3.3 million at the old Blogspot site (March 2008-December 2009) and, since switching to the custom domain with WordPress software in January 2010, have added another 4.7 million visits. We recently recorded our best month to date with 339,343 […]

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