The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Long Knives in Iowa

Michelle Bachmann pushed “a pardon … for a convicted drug dealer/money launderer in 2007”? They’re bringing it all now — as predicted — and check out this bit buried in today’s Wall Street Journal profile of Bachmann: Ms. Bachmann has gone through four chiefs of staff and two acting chiefs in less than five years […]

Fear and Loathing on Highway 193; Pawlenty Aiming at Bachmann?

DES MOINES, Iowa Got back from Oskaloosa — an hour away on Highway 193 — about 6 p.m. local time and spent hours struggling to upload video and photos. Now I’m just a couple hours aways from my deadline for The American Spectator, and so there’s only enough time for a couple of pictures and […]

Why Is Tim Pawlenty Losing?

Walter Shapiro at The New Republic: But, midway through the interview, desperate for a headline-making morsel about his home-state rival, I asked Pawlenty to respond to the assessment that he was the establishment and [Michele] Bachmann was the outsider in Minnesota politics. To my surprise, Pawlenty sprang to life. He spent the next four minutes […]

GOP Fundraising Numbers
UPDATE: Top Cain Iowa Staff Quit UPDATE: Cain Raises $2.4 Million, Spokeswoman Expresses Confidence

Tim Pawlenty is the first of the major GOP candidates to report his second-quarter fundraising numbers: $4.2 million, which isn’t bad — more than a million a month — although less than the $4.5 million Ron Paul’s campaign is reporting for the second quarter. Pawlenty supporters (including co-blogger Smitty) can take heart that their guy […]

Pawlenty Campaign Broke?

This report from the Washington Post suggests that T-Paw hasn’t exactly been a fundraising superstar: At least five top advisers to former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty have been working for little or no pay for several months, a campaign source said Wednesday. The news establishes with more certainty the emerging portrait of Pawlenty as struggling […]

T-Paw Gets the Kiss of Death

David Brooks lumps Tim Pawlenty in with Jon Huntsman and Mitt Romney and says, “I think it’s going to be one of those three.” You noticed whom Brooks didn’t mention, right? Herman Cain.

Nate Silver: ‘Hey, You Know, Maybe We Should Take Herman Cain Seriously’

The polling savant of the New York Times takes a look at the recent Gallup numbers and is intrigued: I would not suggest that Mr. Cain is one of the leaders. But in a field where the three insider favorites to win the race — Mitt Romney, Tim Pawlenty, and Jon Huntsman — collectively poll […]

2012 Candidates Not Named ‘Herman’

It’s kinda been all-Herman, all-the-time here lately, so let me update you on what’s going on with the non-Hermans: Democrats are running attack ads against Mitt Romney in South Carolina. Exactly why Democrats would be monkeying around in a GOP primary is an interesting question. (Hat-tip: Ann Althouse.) America braces for the onset of T-Paw Fever: Tim […]

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