The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

The Good Samaritan’s Pistol

Jazz Shaw at Hot Air highlighted this cheerful story Sunday: A gunman walked into a Dollar General store in Orrville, Alabama, and “began shouting and waving a gun around, herding customers and an employee into a back room.” But the story had a happy ending because a customer named Marlo Ellis is a concealed carry […]

Pervert Teacher Alicia Gray: ‘Hey, I’m Totally Sorry for Boinking a 14-Year-Old’

You may recall I highlighted Alicia Gray’s crime in a post about female sex offenders entitled “She Craved the Taste of Boy Flesh.” In the interest of fairness, we must now report that she has admitted that giving a 14-year-old boy a blowjob was a bad idea: A former Alabama math teacher recorded and released a […]

Alabama Tea Party Leader Compares ObamaCare to ‘Lord of the Rings’

Becky Gerritson, leader of the Wetumpka (Alabama) Tea Party, made headlines in June when she testified to Congress about how her organization was treated by the Internal Revenue Service. Monday, in a speech to a meeting of the Alabama 60-Plus Senior Association in Montgomery, Gerritson compared the fight against ObamaCare to the Lord of the […]

OK, You Can’t Do This, Not Even in Alabama, Not Even to Roger Shuler

Roger Shuler, Shelby County Jail inmate No. 288928 Let’s be clear: I don’t like Roger Shuler, a dishonest creep who has published defamation against the honest and innocent. A deranged liberal (but I repeat myself) Shuler celebrated last year when Brett Kimberlin had Aaron Walker arrested. When Shuler got himself arrested on a contempt of […]

Carol Shuler, Mrs. Kook Blogger

Roger Shuler is the Alabama blogger who has been smearing those corrupt! fraudulent!! Republicans!!! who are in a conspiracy!!!! Anyway, the Karl Rove-led GOP conspiracy — ELEVENTY!1!1! — against Roger Shuler involved the Shelby County Sheriff’s Department, which arrested the paranoid kook Oct. 23 on a bench warrant for contempt of court after Shuler skipped […]

Legal Woes Mount for Alabama Anti-GOP Conspiracy Theory Blogger Roger Shuler

Roger Shuler, Shelby County Jail inmate No. 288928 The arrest of “Legal Schnauzer” blogger Roger Shuler, which I reported Friday at The American Spectator and blogged about here in the wee hours, has tipped over quite an interesting row of dominoes. As recently as Oct. 19, a certain “RogerS” was boasting of his expertise in […]

The Going Gets Weird: Alabama Liberal Blogger Arrested on Contempt Charge

Roger Shuler, Shelby County Jail inmate No. 288928 I reported this Friday at The American Spectator: Alabama attorney/blogger Roger Shuler was arrested Thursday in Shelby County and held without bond, charged with two counts of contempt of court in a case that has sparked conspiracy theories pointing the finger of blame at Republican officials, including […]

Vote Democrat! ‘Your Slave-Holding, Murdering, Adulterous, Baby-Raping, Incestuous, Snaggle-Toothed, Backward-A**ed, Inbreed, Imported Criminal-Minded Kin Folk’

A guy named Eddie Maxwell e-mailed Alabama state legislators to express his concern for preserving the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. It was an open-CC e-mail, and what ensued was a flaming open-CC’d response by Alabama state Rep. Joseph Mitchell, whose colleagues and constituents were shocked by the venomous hostility. Uh, no comment from […]

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