The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Why Terry McAuliffe Is Losing

Wednesday night, longtime Democrat strategist James Carville appeared on MSNBC to declare himself “scared to death” that Republican Glenn Youngkin could defeat Terry McAuliffe in Virginia: “It’s close,” Carville said. “Cook has it [as] a toss-up. If Cook has the race toss up — and Terry, by the way, has been blunt that we are […]

McAuliffe Campaign Implosion Continues

Do candidates who are winning act like this? Virginia Gubernatorial candidate Terry McCauliffe (D) reportedly ended an interview at the half-way mark and berated the reporter for not asking “better questions.” According to ABC7, the network had reporter Nick Minock conduct two interviews with the opposing candidates for governor – one with former governor Terry […]

Democrats Desperate in Virginia

You can tell by the TV ads that are running in the D.C. metro market that the Terry McAuliffe campaign is in deep trouble. The essence of the Democrat’s pitch, in the off-year gubernatorial campaign, is that Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin is a puppet of Donald Trump. Let’s be clear about just who Glenn Youngkin […]

Terry Wary
Sig is Scary
Next Month’s Vote
Might Not Carry

by Smitty Only Pat Herrity stood firm. The rest of the Fairfax County Board of Brandons and Karens voted to assume the position, and request that the box be stuffed next month for the gubernatorial election. And if anyone is equipped, it’s Greasy Terry: The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors is asking Gov. Ralph Northam […]

Free Speech on Campus: ‘It Is Vital That UVA Lose This Case, and Lose Badly’

A federal judge has rejected the University of Virginia’s motion to dismiss a lawsuit filed by Kieran Ravi Bhattacharya, a former UVA medical student who was suspended after he asked a few questions during a campus panel presentation on “microaggressions.” Robby Soave’s account of the case is a must-read for anyone who wants to understand […]

‘Something for Everyone to Hate’

It would be interesting to know how many high-school students in Loudon County, Virginia, would be able to identify Col. Edward D. Baker. If you are a student of the Civil War, you know that Baker’s death in the Battle of Ball’s Bluff was the chief inspiration for the creation of the Joint Committee on […]

When Police Yell ‘Drop the Gun,’ Guess What Happens If You Don’t?

Say hello to Rasheed Moorman, who may have been the unluckiest criminal in America. Or maybe he was just stupid. Notice my use of the past-tense verb “was.” Rasheed’s final crime was not his first. A previous exercise in criminal stupidity nearly killed him when, in 2014, he and an accomplice attempted to rob a […]

Police Chief Says ‘Elected Official’ Allowed Destruction of Portsmouth Monument

  Question: What role did a Confederate monument in Portsmouth, Virginia, play in the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis? Answer: None at all. This certainly is not the first time Southerners have been demonized to distract from wrongdoing committed by Yankees. Any assertion that destroying Confederate monuments is a gesture necessary to end police […]

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