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Good News: Democrat Spends $1 Million Against Nutroots Ohio Primary Rival

Posted on | April 28, 2010 | 6 Comments

The Senate primary campaign in Ohio has been an expensive bloodbath for Democrats. Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher is the darling of the Democratic establishment, but he’s in a primary against Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, the sweetheart of the moonbat bloggers. (She’s endorsed by ActBlue and HuffPo loves ’em some Brunner).

The news today is that Fisher has finally gained a double-digit lead over Brunner — 41-24 according to Quinnipiac — but the story behind the story is how much Fisher had to spend to get that lead:

Fisher’s campaign spent $975,000 during the first two weeks of April, of which $900,000 went to the Chicago media firm AKPD Message and Media for television ads to air on broadcast and cable stations throughout Ohio.
Fisher . . . had $907,000 left in his campaign account on April 14.
Brunner’s campaign . . . had $59,000 left to spend on April 14. Her light fundraising is a reason why the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee prefers Fisher.
Either Fisher or Brunner will face former Rep. Rob Portman (R), who is unopposed in the GOP primary and who will begin the six-month general election campaign substantially better-funded than the Democratic nominee.
Portman . . . had $7.7 million cash-on-hand on April 14, more than eight times what Fisher banked.

Liberals want you to think that Republicans are the ones committing hari-kiri in contested primaries this year, but this Ohio Senate seat (open due to Sen. George Voinovich’s retirement) was supposed to be a key pickup opportunity for Democrats — and their hand-picked favorite Fisher is going broke trying to fend off some no-name chick who’s got less than $60,000 in the bank. Meanwhile, Portman’s sitting on nearly $8 million with the entire GOP united behind him.

So there’s no need for conservatives to worry about contested Republican primaries. Go ahead — give generously to J.D. Hayworth’s campaign. It’s a free shot. It’s an anti-incumbent year, Maverick’s numbers are circling the toilet and if 70% of Arizonans want to unleash hell against illegal immigrants, J.D. can beat any Democrat in November.

Tell John McCain to take a hike — and tell him to take Charlie Crist with him!