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A Post That Is Not About Net Neutrality

Posted on | September 10, 2010 | 7 Comments

At BlogCon Friday, we went to the Newseum in D.C. for a panel discussion that was supposed to be about politics. During the Q&A period, however, it got hijacked into a discussion of The World’s Most Boring Policy Issue. After ten minutes of this narcolepsy-inducing blather, I gestured frantically at Tabitha Hale and got the microphone for the next question, the beginning of which was Tweeted by Glen Asbury:

Seriously. That was ten minutes of our lives we will never get back.

Erick Erickson of Red State with National Review‘s Jim Geraghty, who loves Mike Castle in pretty much the same way an 11-year-old girl loves Justin Bieber.

Bill Whittle and Stephen Green now have perfect spinal alignment, after hanging out for a few minutes with Dr. Melissa Clouthier. She’s billing it to PJTV’s health insurance plan.

Tabitha Hale liked that caption so much, she said she’d hit the tip jarwhen hell freezes over.