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As If I Actually Needed an Excuse to Post This Picture of a Blonde in a Bikini

Posted on | September 21, 2010 | 81 Comments

Conveniently enough, she managed to get herself involved in a serious political news story:

Now, far be it from me to throw the first stone here.

After all, who are we to judge?

Or more to the point, who are we to make tasteless jokes about Giovana Huidobro and her married (alleged) boyfriend, Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-Illinois)?

No, we musn’t be so judgmental. We must turn to the only voice of civility and reason in these troubled times.

Of course, I’m talking about Ace of Spades HQ.

UPDATE: Meet Jackson’s Republican challenger:

I am Isaac Hayes a community faith leader and candidate for U.S. House of Representatives in Illinois’ 2nd Congressional District.
I grew up in the Woodlawn community on the South Side of Chicago. Ideals of faith, hard work and liberty influenced my childhood and would become the foundation of my passion for service. My mother was a choir director, my grandmother a Sunday school teacher and my dad was both a Reverend and a United States Marine. . . .
I intend to continue my record of service to God and community as Representative of the 2nd Congressional District.
I currently reside in Park Forest with my wife of three years Latouna who shares my commitment to faith and service.

What else do we need to hear, folks?


UPDATE II: I am currently waiting for a return call from the Hayes campaign. Earlier today, Hayes issued a statement about the latest revelations about Jackson’s corruption:

Today, we have learned of new allegations concerning the involvement of Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. in the Congressional Crime of the attempted purchase a United States Senate Seat. Sadly, I am not surprised.
Mr. Jackson has refused to tell the voters of the Second District exactly what the extent of his involvement was, but has decided to leave it to the press and the trial of ex-governor Rod Blagojevich to fill in the details.
It was the press that informed us Mr. Jackson was Senate Candidate No. 5 in the Rod Blagojevich indictment. It was the Blagojevich trial that informed us Mr. Jackson offered “pay to play” and was at an October 28, 2008 meeting with Raghuveer Nayak and Rajinder Bedi when the bribe was discussed.
Today, we have been informed by the press that Mr. Jackson directed Mr. Nayak to offer Rod Blagojevich six million dollars in campaign cash in return for an appointment to the U.S. Senate seat.
It is time for Congressman Jackson to tell the members of the Second District the truth. They deserve to know what he did and why he did it. They have suffered long enough under the three-peat of political corruption that has existed for the past thirty years.
We need a clean break from the politics of the abuse of power and public trust. We need someone with the character and values to represent our district with honesty and integrity.

Nothing in that statement, however, about Jackson knocking boots with the blonde bikini bombshell.

UPDATE III: Allahpundit notes this part of the story:

Before he dined with Huidobro and Jackson on Oct. 8, 2008, Nayak said he had a critical conversation with the congressman about the seat while the two were alone. Nayak, also a former Blagojevich fund-raiser, said that Jackson asked him to tell Blagojevich that if the then-governor appointed Jackson to the U.S. Senate, Chicago’s Indian community would raise $1 million for Blagojevich and — after Jackson was appointed — Jackson would raise $5 million for the then-governor . . .

This is called “community outreach,” see? Millions of dollars in bribe money from “Chicago’s Indian community,” blondes from the bikini-model community, etc.

UPDATE IV: Welcome, Instapundit readers!

UPDATE V: Just got off the phone with Janet Restivo, press secretary for the Isaac Hayes campaign. The Republican candidate was attending a townhall meeting at the Lincoln Restaurant and unavailable for comment, but I’ll be interviewing him Wednesday.

Meanwhile, we have this statement from Rep. Jackson:

Not sure that this is an official statement, however . . .


  • Rob


  • mken

    A lover not a hater, Mr. Jackson was doing his part to build bridges between the races, allegedly.

  • Eric Dondero

    I smell yet another Republican pick-up.

    Stacy, who is the Republican on the ballot against J.J. JR?

  • Estragon

    Not bad, but she doesn’t quite look like $6 million – the amount Jesse Jr. was trying to offer Blago for the Senate seat.

    At least the lad is a chip off the old blockhead – a $6 million bribe, and not a penny of it his own money. He even had his donor pay to fly the girl out to meet him!

    Papa must be sooooo proud. Well, so long as Jr. remembered to use protection . . . learn from my mistakes, my child . . .

  • jefferson101

    In JJ Jr’s district, that picture probably gained him 20k votes.

    “Dude! JJ’s a playah! I wants me one of those blondes, too! I’ll vote for him!”

    And that’s just the Matthew Van Winkle vote. Or whatever.

  • Kelly

    OT but Sarah Palin just endorsed Pastor Stephen Broden, the Republican candidate in TX-30 who is running against the scholarship thief Eddie Bernice Johnson.!/notes/sarah-palin/lone-star-state-shines-with-stephen-broden-in-texas-30th-congressional-district/432714723434

  • Kelly

    crap, sorry about the bad link. Just copy/paste or maybe someone can fix it for me?

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  • FenelonSpoke

    God bless, Mr. Hayes. I would really be surprised, however, if Jesse Jackson Jr. didn’t win the seat even if he is a sleaze.

  • Rob

    Over the last few months I think it has become painfully obvious that the NRCC as fund raising organization is now obsolete.

    Now fund raising for political candidates who are ‘long shots’ can be done at a local level and be done faster with Twitter.

    November 2nd will be a sleepless night for Smitty & Stacy. They are making too many races interesting.

  • M. Simon

    How about dueling 4th of July Bikini Editions next summer?

  • Donald Sensing

    And the challenger’s name is Isaac Flipping Hayes!

  • Stephen Gordon

    “You know I wish that I had [Jesse’s] girl…”

  • PM

    As my wife said, “He went for the white b—-?” That’ll go over real well with his constituents.

  • M. Simon

    Palin Texas 30th link.

    Note on Bikini Editions: since I started it three or four years ago some of the major lefty rags have picked up on the idea. We need to overcome. Heh.

  • DaveP.

    Well, at least she’s halfway cute.

    As opposed to Rielle (someone order a creepy chick with all the trimmings?) and Bill’s string of low-class bimbos, that is.
    Estragon, I think the $6 mil was for the seat… the seatcover was cheaper.

  • Scott Jacobs

    “I would really be surprised, however, if Jesse Jackson Jr. didn’t win the seat even if he is a sleaze.”


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  • RedGrandma

    I met Mr. Hayes at a local Tea Party rally in Chicago over a year ago. My impression was that he was an intelligent thoughtful candidate but without a prayer of winning against Jesse Jackson, Jr. Now things may be looking up — good for him!

  • wombat-socho

    #14: I hear you. He may have picked up 20K votes from the playas, but what good does that do him if he loses 40K from the women?

  • Quilly Mammmoth

    Sadly, I don’t think the top matches the bottom. And look, at least JJ,Jr doesn’t have to pay off a baby momma like JJ,Sr.!

    As we say in Meat Packers Local 69…don’t sack it…bag it!

  • Bob Belvedere

    Thanks, Stacy, for the HEADLINE.

  • sestamibi

    Hey, if Al Green(e) can run in South Carolina. . .

    Can you dig it? 🙂

  • Lifeofthemind

    So the Republicans have a candidate with theme music?

    The people in Woodlawn and Washington Park are the poor blacks that Michelle Obama steered to second tier hospitals, to spare the University of Chicago the expense, during her incredibly overpaid job. That job was arranged by UofC Trustee Penny Pritzker and Michelle’s salary more than doubled when her husband moved from the State Legislature to the US Senate.

  • Rob

    Jesse Jackson Jr. on a Segway. What the…

  • Estragon

    Don’t be disrespecting Alvin Greene, sestamibi @ #23. He’s ex-military. Well, sure, he was discharged for being an incompetent and insubordinate lazy layabout, but he got to keep the camo pants.

    Alvin showed up to address a Rotary Club meeting the other day wearing a tee-shirt that read, “South Carolina: We Don’t Make These Things Up!”

    It was apparently designed in his honor. But he not only didn’t try to buy the seat, he didn’t even spend any money campaigning. And his idea for Alvin Greene Action Figures would probably create more jobs than Obama’s trillion bucks.

  • MikeC

    Flat-chested, isn’t she?

  • Richard Cook

    Having lived in Chicago for 10 years and still working there this issue is not going to make one bit of difference. The voters in Chicago and Cook county are preprogrammed to vote Democrat. This will also gain him points in the “community”.

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  • KingShamus

    Isaac Hayes! Yes He Can (Win against a hopelessly corrupt ho-banger Congress-Douche)!

  • bandit

    I think you mean alleged blonde.

  • Bob Belvedere

    They say this cat Hayes is a bad mother…
    Shut your mouth!
    But I’m talkin’ ’bout Hayes
    Then we can dig it

  • Robert Stacy McCain

    Flat-chested, isn’t she?

    What is this, Juggs, “Home of the D-Cuppers”? Are we only permitted to praise the Christina Hendricks types? Can we not allow any latitude for variations in personal preference?

    Stop being so judgmental and intolerant, Mike. If Jesse Jackson Jr. prefers his blonde mistresses with A-cups, that’s his inalienable right!


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  • Joe
  • FenelonSpoke

    Stacy, Could you please post a photo of a guy-who is not you-in a swimsuit for any gay guys or woman here? ;^) I am the latter. Not that you weren’t cute in your silly looking speedo and still are in whatever photos you post of yourself, but I was looking for the GQ type of guy. I might even hit the tip jar if you do that because sexy blonde women in swimsuits just don’t do it for me, and anyway, or looks alone I thought the daughter of the Congressman from out West some more (Hoeven?) was more attractive than this blonde.

  • Janelle

    The graphic at the end was priceless……..

  • Libby

    6-million dolar Homina Homina Huidobro? Looks like a reduction, needs a lift. Rep Jessie Jackson Jr obviously has eyesight problem, needs a pair of Hayes glasses for better vision.

  • Roxeanne de Luca

    Blonde women: something else that Clarence Thomas and Jesse Jackson, Jr. have in common.

  • AlexinCT

    That’s a MAN baby!

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  • libbido

    >What is this, Juggs, “Home of the D-Cuppers”? Are we only permitted to praise the Christina Hendricks types? Can we not allow any latitude for variations in personal preference? Stop being so judgmental and intolerant, Mike. If Jesse Jackson Jr. prefers his blonde mistresses with A-cups, that’s his inalienable right!

    “Home of the D-Cuppers”, JJJ has good taste of sassy chic, he is a leg man not a breast man.

    “Chicago home of the champion”, RSM never let a good groin crisis go to waste, he is a whole-package man. Dan had a different angle take on this (emphasis is his).

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